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  1. Is it okay to get a mole removed while on accutane? Apparently my derm sees no problem with it. Wont accutane screw up healing? Im at 60mg a day month 2.
  2. antibiotics should only help with your acne, unless you have a drug not responding. The normal ones didnt help me any, then I tired some Bactrum and it helped.
  3. not unless you have tb. All they do is inject you with a needle and it gives you a bumb, under the skin. In most cases people with TB doent even show postive lol. In my opinion dont worry, since they are not doing anything but poking your skin, which may take a little longer to heal but nothing to worry about.
  4. anyone notice an increase in blackheads when starting tane? Ive been on it about 2 weeks and damn my nose is covered
  5. ipledge is amazing at wasting time. Im at 80mg and my first week I was fine nothing. Then I got lips strarting to turn dry and my cheeks were feeling tight. I put on cetaphil and am doing so everyday, and so far so good. carry capstick with you everywhere
  6. maybe call your derm, if you get to much uncomforatable. Were you on any meds prior to tane? maybe it just takes adjusting time
  7. I eat everything and anything. I try to stay away from alot of sugar. After about 4 pills i got 2 new whitheads, but they are gone now/fading. Whats the aveeno product called? I think cetaphil is good, but i want SPF. So far I feel good and looking better. I am a little worried about all the flushing posts, and that stuff. You guys shave regularly? Ive been holding off, looking kinda grizzly atm. What products yall use to shave? razor or electric? cream, jel or dry? lol
  8. Prolly, just a bad combo of food. I eat until I cant eat anymore then have a glass of milk, so far so good. Few days ago I felt kinda woozy, took a shit and walla fine.
  9. anyone got a pic of before, maybe then with red cheeks? How long does it last? I've noticed by face is more pink now prior to tane
  10. severe? not at all man. I have extremly mild compared to some pics ive seen on here. I thought I had it bad with maybe 3-5 or somthing like that but, its just they are presistant. My face seems way oilly to dude. It was dry, then I put cetaphil on and I was way itchy, I think it was because the mositurizer was working, but cetaphil looks oilly to when you put it on. yeah flossy, I know exactly what you mean. 1 or thousand acne still has the same effect on you
  11. Just started accutane. 1 week in so far. Im at 60mg and weight 160. So far no huge IB a couple, but nothing to fret. Face cheeks feeling dry, and lips are starting to get that way. I put lotion on last night and my face was so itchy from teh cetaphil.