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  1. i was wondering if i went to my doctor how much would the accuatane cost?
  2. i am actually using the proactive BENZOLE peroxide and using this cleanser. the first week was great it cleared up and now its like the 3rd week i think and OMG i am breakin out like crazy and these acne are huge!!!! PLEASE HELP should i buy the cleaner and Benzole peroxide that dan has on this site? i really need someones opinon because i am breakin out like crazy
  3. okay well i have been scanning thru the site and i wanted to know IF DANS REGIMEN ACTUALLY WORKED and i wanna know by the ppl who used it and there advice and there personal thoughts about it. *i'm planning to also use the REGIMEN but i wanna know if it reallly works . i've used proactive every drug store acne medicine -- there was one thing that actually worked but it was in the phillipines where the derm gave me facials and gave me medicine it was liquid form i think it had CLYMIDACINE in
  4. M.A.C is a heavy make up well thats what ppl say BUT it really COVERS UP ALL MY RED MARKS! IT GREAT.. all the store cover up as in LOREL and REVLON ect.. do not work on me this is the only cover up that actually works.. THANK GODD DOES ANY ONE HOW TO APPLY THE COVER UP EVENLY?? EX: BRUSH. SPONGE??
  5. i have been using the mac cover up studio fix for about a year or two now.. and it really covers up my acne as in the red spots and the scars.. i love it... does anyone know if the cover up causes you to break out more? how does MAC work on your skin?