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  1. I take 15mg Zinc Gluconate a day - sometimes I bump this up to 30mg if I feel like my skin needs it. I have read that Picclonate is better for acne but I haven't tried that type so I can't compare. Let me know how you get on
  2. Works for tone and texture but beware of cystic pimples!

    I have mixed feelings towards Omega 3 (fish oil) supplements. On one hand, they do wonders for the overall texture of my skin and evening out my skin tone where there is no acne. However, after 2 separate attempts with 2 different brands of expensive Omega 3 supplements (both each around £20 for a months supply) I broke out with cystic pimples on my chin BOTH TIMES - I didn't change anything else in my diet apart from the Omegas so I know it's this. Luckily, the second time around I worked the c
  3. My story is similar to yours. Throughout my teen years and early 20's my skin was flawless - to the point where I was getting my makeup done at MAC at the MUA asked me to take my foundation off and I had to tell her I wasn't wearing any!! Fast forward a couple of years... I'm 26 now and when I was 23 my GP advised me to change my birth control to the contraceptive implant. For the first few months it worked fine, but one day out of nowhere, my half of my face was full of cystic pimples on my che