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  1. Contact your doctor and dermatologist immediately if you might be pregnant! I'm not joking.......
  2. I used the 3 applications in one day method of applying TCA Latte from perfectcomplextion.net. Does anyone know how long you're supposed to peel for? It's been over 4 days since I started peeling (6 days since I applied the lotion). I'm still continuously peeling, but mostly it's annoying little flakes that make me look like I slapped a bunch of retin-A on my face. Is this normal? Does it mean I got a really deep peel or is it excessive dry skin...or? It's getting on my nerves as I'd like to get
  3. Judging by the price ($55) he got it from the same place I did: www.perfectcomplexion.net I got a ton of freebies when I ordered it. A sample of Apeel Daily and TCA Latte peel. I also got free a full size butter cream lip balm (which is AWESOME by the way).
  4. It didn't shrink mine - that's for sure! :lol:
  5. i think you have just red marks. maybe you can try apple cider vinegar method to clean your skin.
  6. If you eat them in a nice salad they're not so bad. :surprised:
  7. It's hard for me to tell whether those are red marks or scars since the flash on your camera is so bright.
  8. I'm going through the same exact thing as we speak... Do you think it's better to put Aquaphor or emu oil on the spots?
  9. Try aloe directly from the plant...just cut off a leaf and use it. They typically sell them at health food stores.
  10. Probably 6 months to a year after you've stopped treatment.
  11. I live in a VERY dry climate. Finding a moisturizer that actually works has been one of my life's missions for the past 10 years ever since I moved here. Try AmLactin. You can feel the difference immediately when you apply it. It's like no other lotion I've ever used. Also, a little goes a long way, so you don't need to goop it on for it to help. You can even put it on your face as it doesn't clog pores. You can do a search on ebay to find it, and I also know they sell it at Costco. I'm not su
  12. I have these ugly bags (probably patches of fat) under my eyes, and I've had them ever since I can remember. Obviously, they are genetic since my mom has them too. I know for a fact I get enough sleep (at least 7-9 hours per night), my diet is better than most everyone I know, I'm not overweight, and I exercise at least 2-4 times per week. The bags have HUGE shadows under them and if I push in on the bags, the shadow goes away and they are invisible. However, for obvious reasons I can't walk a
  13. Obviously you can get anything from ebay LOL! 2 mm scares me.... I would absolutely never do that one myself, but that's just me. Good luck.
  14. I thought the 2 mm was only sold to professionals??
  15. I've been taking 2000mg of ester-C per day for the past few months and it seems to be helping, among other things.
  16. Check out www.thesecret.tv I came across the DVD at my library yesterday, and I am grateful that I watched it.
  17. The TCA CROSS study that everyone talks about on this board was done on Korean subjects with quite dark skin tones. My husband is Asian (his father is Japanese and his mother is Taiwanese). I would say his skin tone is fairly dark - even for Asian. He had a couple spots CROSSed some time ago and he healed up just fine with no hyperpigmentation issues. His spots were VERY minor and were isolated to one small spot on his cheek, but for what it's worth to you, he was fine in the end.
  18. I'm not sure if flat red marks would be considered scars. JMHO... In my experience, I've found Mederma to be completely useless on anything except regular scars that you get from cuts and such. Time is probably your best remedy.
  19. 10-20 mg is a low dose? Wow I was taking 40 mg at first and bumped up to 60 mg! Mine must have been bad!.... I also didn't have to push to get the RX. Good thing it's gone now.....
  20. Yes, I'll have to agree with everyone. People are overall just fake...99.99999%, that is. People who treat you differently because of scars or any other "supposed flaw" make me sick. I hope Karma does take care of them.
  21. Yeah, well Brad Pitt has acne scars.