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  1. Hi Has anyone tried Fractora? I’m having a test patch at the end of the month and wondered if anyone’s had any success with it? Lu x
  2. I have decided to stop using it as I think it actually made me break out
  3. Hey Just wondered how are you getting on with it? I am undecided - I haven't really seen any improvement Have noticed that where I have used it and had a spot, I have a pink mark so not very happy about that. It didn't do anything for my two frown lines either
  4. Hi thanks. I have known anything like it. Hair literally appeared within three days. How long were you on Yasmin and Yaz for? I don't know whether to stay on it and see if my hormones settle or get off it asap before I end up resembling a man in the facial hair dept
  5. Hi I started Yasmin just under 2 weeks ago and I have noticed between 5-10 hairs on my face. I feel ok on Yasmin (my skin hasn't broken out) and my boobs are growing but really concerned that I will end up really hairy. Not sure if it's just a temporary thing while my hormones balance? Has anyone else had this? x x
  6. I started using it 2 days ago (the spf 20 version) So far I haven't broken out but it's early days. I'll keep you posted. I am hoping it helps get rid of a few fine lines and slight acne scars (not to mention the few spots I am getting from time to time) Lulabell xx
  7. I used to do the same. Having acne overtook my thoughts so much that I would daydream in the day and dream at night about when I was acne-free which affected my work, uni work, relationships with friends and family... Are you doing something about your acne as I went onto Roaccutane and now I have clear skin so I can now think about the present and future as opposed to reminis about my clear skin days when I was younger. I also recommend drinking chamomile tea and buying some lavendar and ylan
  8. THere are many products targeted at reducing scars i.e. bio oil (some people are ok using this but some people find that it makes them break out) Vitamin e is renowned for healing the skin and fading scars. Natural remedies such as honey are supposed to help and I know that you have mentioned lemon juice but it is supposed to lighten the scar tissue. Exfoliating is also renowned for scar There are also may treatments out there e.g. microdermabrasion Good luck x
  9. I wouldn't use peroxde on your teeth or face. It will harm the enamel on your teeth and only make them yellow and sensitive in the long run and it will burn your face Don't do it. There are gentler methods out there
  10. Can i just say that i am not religious and that i believe overcoming acne and other problems does make ppl stronger and a better person. Ppl who have had/have acne are more likely to be empathic towards others who suffer things as they will know how it feels to get depressed, insecure etc from their exp. Before i had acne and other problems i was a lot more shallow (i was a pretty girl with my head in the clouds) now my feet are grounded and i am sensitive to others and hate the thought of anyo
  11. You will get through this and you are not alone. I have often broke down over acne and the shit that life has thrown at me over the years (it has thrown some nasty shit, trust me) but it will make you a better person. Everything that I have gone through with acne and everything else has really made me put things in perspective and i am much happier now and you will be the same. A friend once said you appreciate the good times more after going through the bad times and it is so true. Maybe you s
  12. Have you looked in Nordstroms? Per the Oprah episode I mentioned above where they were putting everyone in smaller band sizes, they claimed they carried unusual sizes.
  13. Hi i was wondering if any of u girls know where i can get a 30 bra? I am a 30c/d but i cannot find 30 backs anywhere. I am wanting one with a bit of padding as being so petite i could do with it Thanks x
  14. I understand where you are coming from as i am on accutane and can't drink for 4 months but see it like this... If anyone makes a fuss that you are not drinking on a night out it's prob because they are pissed or because they are a dick. Either way fuck them. You don't need to drink to have a good time. I am always out til 2, 3 and 4 in the morning and i am completely sober-why? Because my friends understand and respect why I'm not drinking and because you don't need a drink to have a good time.
  15. i've had this too and i'm only 21-it's a sise affect of accutane. it will go tho