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    I just want everyone to know my goal for clear sking is feb.22<br /><br />=]
  1. Thanks, i have to convince my mom to buy me some now...
  2. Hi guys, Well i have a tiny problem with oily skin...see it gets a little oily in the afternoon and i hate having to blot it away with those absorbing sheets. But i hear mattifying foundation like the one from maybelline i think helps you to be less shiny. My Mom uses it and likes it because it goes on smooth apparently. What do you think? Should i get it? Its not that expensive so i just might. Right now i use the pure makeup you know the 50% water one. and covergirl trublend pressed powder.
  3. Okay so first let me say that i hate seeing my acne in those pictures i mean i didnt think it looked that bad but w/e. Anywho, ive been using it for about a month after being off of it for awhile because i was tired of using it. I dont know if you can see my chin is those pictures but i was clear on my chin but i got two huge zits and i popped them i know...that was a bad idea because now there just huge darks marks that im hoping will go away. But what i did is i popped the zits on my chin and
  4. Day 9 with Taz. Day 2 with Benz. : Okay so i just washed off my makeup and i had a little tiny white head on my chin i....i....picked it off i know i know but it didnt bleed alot i guess thats a plus...i think i have 2 inflammed whiteheads but no big deal...i put my mouisterizer on and then im gonna put the Taz. on. uhm what can i say rash is healing nicely nobody seemed to notice it...im scared im going to have scarring but my derm. said i wont if i dont pick and so far i have been good at
  5. Sorry yes - very good point. Ps re Alternavista - it could be just an allergy he has, as I haven't seen many other people express an opinion on them. http://www.rawplus.com/cure_acne.html http://ezinearticles.com/?-Acne-Program---...at&id=33195 To peruse.
  6. Im using Taz. and im on my first week wow two times a day...that sounds painful! it is the strongest of the topical med. atleast thats what ive read i use benz. in the morning and taz. at night i cant wait to start seeing the results im so hopeful and im trying not to stress about my acne because i swear it causes even more acne so no stressing but your story really gives me hope yay!! thank you so much for sharing your story!! Morgan <3
  7. Im using Taz. and Benz. right now and people have been saying that Benz. works fast and my skin is looking better i think after 1 day of benz. but it is very drying im getting cetaphil mouisterizer jujilover how long till you saw your face clear with clin.?? my problem is blotches from old acne but i wish everyone luck and IB's can differ so you might get lucky and have a very small one
  8. Week 1 with Taz and Day 1 with Benz. : So my face seems to be blotches but no inflammed zits...just a few whiteheads there on my jawline almost and close to my neck. I also have this rash on my neck that i think was caused by Rosula ( cleanser ) or maybe i put Taz on my neck which i know im not suppose to do since that is very sensitive skin. But my biggest thing is the dryness. But someone said my face was looking better today woo hoo haha but i just cant wait till christmas break when i dont
  9. I dont think you should rely on Doryx, i dont think its strong enough...the only reason why my derm. put me on Doryx is so i dont get cysts are you getting cysts? give it some time to with the Taz. Morgan <3
  10. I hate IB's but there pretty bad, because people want fast results and that isnt the case with acne Morgan <3
  11. So if you put the lotion on after cleansing and then put taz on it will help the peeling? that seems to be the problem for me i hate the peeling... but im also gonna start using benzaclin in the morning so maybe that will help? i have no idea... Morgan <3