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  1. Hi - thanks, it was an easy choice to stop as I was suffering so much. The side effects are only just calming down a week later, my skin and eyes have been so sore and dry, I can't imagine what state I'd be in if I'd have continued with Accutane. And this was only 20mg per day. Yes I do feel pretty conscious about my acne socially. I just feel that as a 37 year old man who lives a healthy life in terms of diet and exercise, I shouldn't have to still be dealing with this. Even though it's on
  2. Day 8: So, with a heavy heart I've decided to quite Accutane (20mg) after just 7 days. My reasons are for the following side effects: Extremely dry/red face - My face looks and feels like I've got a really bad sunburn, it's really red. Very sore / dry / bloodshot eyes - My vision is a little blurry already too. Headaches - becoming worse every day. I'm gutted that I'm quitting so early into treatment - I had started a log on here to document my changes and was feeli
  3. Day 7: OMG face is red raw today, so so dry, I'm struggling with the dry face and eyes so sore Other than moisturizing like a madman, anyone got any tips to help please?
  4. Day 6: Face feels so SO dry today, redness at it's worse so far, trying to moisturise like crazy but it's not helping much. If anyone has any suggestions for moisture to help me please let me know here!
  5. Day 5: Couple more new spots today, face looks even redder too so I'm lumping on the moisturiser.
  6. Day 4: Few more spots today, face looks pretty red too. Not happy with how things look currently, but the thought of long term improvement is keeping me optimistic.
  7. Yes Day 3: More spots appeared overnight, my face is as bad as it's been for a while but guess this is part of the IB phase. Face doesn't seem as greasy today, so I'm hopeful that things may be starting to happen already.
  8. Hi all, I’ve struggled with acne for 20+ years - I have mild/moderate persistence acne, red bumps that just appear randomly all over my face, no area of my face is safe but forehead and cheeks seem to be the most common areas for breakouts. I've tried every topical/antibiotic/treatment/diet/lifestyle change under the sun, and even had a course of Accutane aged 17 which helped for a while. But when I hit 30, the spots came back. I tried a 2nd course of Accutane last July, but had to sto
  9. Day 8: First of all, thanks for your comments guys. I’ve been doing some serious thinking over the last few days, and along with the fact that I had yet another really bad headache last night, I have decided to stop treatment, 1 week in. I wasn’t expecting instant results, far from it. But the headaches and increased redness aren’t worth it for me. I’m going to step back and look at other aspects of my lifestyle again - for example, my breakouts have got much much worse since I’ve started goi
  10. Day 7: Face is still red - moisturizing heavily in a morning and at night to try to combat dryness / keep face as calm looking as possible. Got a few new spots pop up today too - I guess I'm still within the IB phase so not hugely surprised.
  11. Thanks for your responses everyone! I'm going to have a complete break from swimming for a few weeks and see what happens. Will keep you posted!
  12. Day 6: Face is very red today - I was out in the sun very very briefly earlier so it’s probably the increased sun sensitivity that’s caused the further redness. Layering the moisturiser on thick tonight and hoping things settle down asap. No extra spots today though! No further headaches today either, I took my roaccutane with a big meal so not had any issues. I’m almost 100% sure my headache from the previous day was caused by not taking R at the same time as my meal.
  13. Day 5: Face feeling pretty dry now so I've lumped on the moisturiser. Looking quite red too but hoping this will settle soon. Forgot to mention yesterday that I took my accutane tablet approx 30 mins after food, instead of straight away with my meal as advised. Had a bit of a headache before I went to sleep, and woke up in the middle of the night with a headache too, could this have been as a direct result of not taking the tablet with food? I dunno. I've never ever woken up in the middle of
  14. Thanks for your reply, this is EXACTLY what is happening to me! So I guess the alt option is to not work out as hard! I don't wanna quit going to the gym altogether as the all round benefits of exercise are important to me, it's just annoying what the end product of this brings to my face. Damn you hormones!
  15. Day 4: A bit more redness on my face, face feels warm and my mouth feels dry so am drinking lots of water. The new spots that appeared on my forehead have faded already. Overall I can see that my condition has improved even just 4 days into treatment, but I know it's very early days.