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  1. Anyone have any ways of stopping the physical pain of acne? its like being punched in the face
  2. My sister and cousin both have it ALL and i mean ALL and im the total opposite - bad skin, stained teeth, flat chested, cant drive, trouble getting at job etc and i do nothing but work my effing arse off trying to improve myself and make my life better. Acne does NOT help this
  3. I dunno if its a psychological thing because of my acne but i dont ever really seem to fancy any guys, if i do its really rare, but thats because most of the point im thinking "whats the fucking point, they wouldnt look at u twice and if they do its a double take because therye shocked at ur acne"
  4. I can honestly say ive never ever felt genuinly attractive. I used to get bullied all the time at school for being ugly and red-headed, but then i got acne and it all got worse. Im 20, had 3 boyfriends and still a virgin. I seem to have a problem getting close with people and im assuming its because of my skin. But even in a relationship, i should be feeling more confident when in actual fact i feel worse because i feel like there is a catch and "wtf is he doing with me" I really make the eff
  5. I never leave the house without make-up, the only time i did was when i had to go and see a dermatologist and it was absoloutly mortifying. I even hate staying at my boyfriends house because i have to set my alarm before its time for him to get up so i can run in the bathroom and just put some foundation on the red scars. And i hate it when we leave the house together (he walks to work and i walk home) because its daylight and not only do i look super poo from jsut waking up, but cause he will
  6. I avoid family gatherings at all costs as much as i can. It sucks and my family think im horrible and rude and selfish for it. But i feel so worthless and crap when im having to sit there with everyone saying about pretty and stunning my sister (whos 24 and never had acne) and perfect cousin (who is my age and for some reason always seems to be in competition with me and a real bitch) are and even worse when im asked to agree and told "why cant you be more like your sister or your cousin" etc it
  7. Yep i know exactly how you feel, i dont sweat but my make-up comes off and im constantly going to the toilets to re-do my make-up to cover up my skin and try to make myself look presentable. My friends often make comments about me going to the loo alot but i just tell them the drinks going straight through me I also find myself trying to find the darkest corner of the pubs to sit in as well to hide my skin. I hate that everyone still looks perfect after a night out and i look like a big piece o
  8. Id rather have clean clear perfect skin any day than a million pounds. Im so sick of being in pain emotionally and physically with acne and sick of being depressed and having acne control and ruin my life. Least if i had clear skin i would have the confidence to go out and get a real decent job and earn good money where as now i feel like ive not been given a job because of my skin, i feel so worthless because people find it discusting and germy and dont want someone with acne working with their
  9. Sometimes my acne causes my cheeks and lips to swell up and is really painful, im currently awaiting to start some treatment with a dermatoligyst (sorry for the spelling!) But was wondering if any of you have any methods of getting swelling down? Ive tried holding cool wash cloths and ice/frozen peas against my cheeks but nothing seems to do the job. I especially avoid leaving the house when this happens. Does anyone else have this problem? xxxxxxxxxxx