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  1. Thanks for offering to help, but I don't post pictures here. I did it once, and it was completely unhelpful and a waste of time because I couldn't get the lighting right to capture what I was trying to show. Just wondering generally if anyone else has experienced this. Why is it so hard to find a doctor to do punch floats??
  2. I have now had three needling treatments. One was with permanent makeup artist Frank at Transitions, and two were with a dermatologist in Manhattan named Nelson Lee Novick, who used the Dermastamp. After the first one I noticed a new scar right in the middle of my cheek, and I was concerned about it, which is why I went to the derm. I told him about the needling, showed him the new scar, and told him I was looking to improve my scarring before my wedding in March. I told him the fastest and
  3. I had dermabrasion about five years ago, and it helped a lot. I can't go through it again though.
  4. I had needling done by Frank at Transitions in New York last Thursday. Frank does needling with special hand tools he has custom made for treating facial skin. The needles are very narrow and spaced wider apart than traditional tattoo needles. Frank is nice and down to earth and explains to you what he's doing, and makes you feel comfortable. He uses numbing cream so the procedure is not that painful. I think it took him less than an hour to do both of my cheeks and a few (non-acne) scars o
  5. It's hard to say what the best treatment for you would be. Read as much as you can here about the different treatments, look at people's pictures, see how their scars compare to yours, and listen to what they say about what treatments worked and what didn't. I spent months here just reading and reading before deciding to start with dermabrasion. Other people regret having dermabrasion. Different things work for different people. Just make sure you educate yourself so you can make the best d
  6. New_guy, I had read here that Lilian was back temporarily but that she was leaving in December. But I called LBN and she was still around. She did not mention anything to me during my consultation about her leaving soon. And she's in the process of moving to a new location, so it didn't seem like she was taking off again. I will ask when I call to make my needling appointment. I contacted her at 703/998-0004. The address of her current office is 8301 Arlington Blvd. in Fairfax. Website:
  7. Look into needling. I have small icepicks all over my cheeks. Because of the treatments I've already had (punch floats, dermabrasion, smoothbeam), they are mostly scarred pores. I had a consultation for needling and was told I should expect a great result. Since there are so many scars close together, the needler would just go over the entire area instead of each individual scar. She said this will cause them to close up and flatten out. Here are the before/after pics that made me decide
  8. All sunblocks, including other Neutrogena ones, made me look shiny until I found Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock, SPF 45. I sound like a commercial. But it is true.
  9. I had a consultation with Lilian at LBN Spa today. She's out in Fairfax, but is in the process of moving to McLean, which sucks. She thinks needling will help my skin greatly; she said she expects to see a huge difference with just one session. And because my scars are shallow now, mostly reduced to scarred pores, she won't have to go very deeply and said I should be able to cover the redness and return to work in three days. Sweet! I'll post on my progress. I'm so excited that I'm paying
  10. I agree, everyone should be aware of the risks from dermabrasion. They are higher for people with Asian skin; I advise against dermabrasion for Asians and other dark-skinned people. I also, like Sword, have slight demarcation lines on a few areas of my jaw, but for me they're not a big deal (it sound like his are more pronounced). Risks accompany any invasive procedure, and though it's heartbreaking when someone suffers complications, it is not always the doctor's fault. Dr. Yarbrough did in
  11. Violet, I didn't realize Fraxel demarcation lines lasted so long. How noticeable are they? Can you cover them with makeup? Do you think the improvement you've gotten was worth the demarcation lines? I have permanent demarcation lines in a few spots from dermabrasion. They're worth my results, but I think more lines might make me look really wierd! My Fraxel consult doctor didn't tell me the demarcation lines could last this long.
  12. Oh, one more thing I forgot to ask . . . Has anyone had needling by Lilian at LBN Tattoo and Spa? The Acne Support Group in Washington recommends this place on their website. I'm trying to get a consultation.
  13. The doctor who did my Smoothbeams, Dr. Walia, said she didn't think any more treatments would help me, so I'm searching for a new doctor. She's helped me out a lot, but I'm not ready to give up yet. I had a consultation with Dr. Varano, whose office is in Chevy Chase. His practice does seem very commercial; it's called Medical Cosmetic Enhance and looks spa-ish. He also goes to several spas to do consultations and I think some treatments, although he only does Fraxel in Chevy Chase. I'm