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  1. I feel exactly the same way. I had a particularly bad experience at a Bobbi Brown counter at David Jones, Chatswood Chase. The woman looked as if she despised colour matching my skin because my scars appeared repugnant to her or something. In the end, she roughly applied one side and rudely ushered me off. This is why I hate going to make up counters. I also hate going to a skin care counter just to ask for one product. I may be asking about a certain eye cream they have or a mask. Instead they
  2. Hey I've had the same problem. The most important thing is to use an oil free concealer. I've tried many and I've found that only MAC studio finish concealer manages to cover well and not break me out. You can also take a look at Lancome and Bobbi Brown. they have oil free ranges too, but MAC studio finish concealer is still the one i go back to continuously. good luck
  3. Hey!! I am Asian and live in Australia. Because of my sudden acne outbreak during the 1st year of uni, I have discontinued using some whitening products I used to use. So, when summer came, I instantly became 1 or 2 shades darker. Right now, I'm looking for a mask/serum/essence etc. that is safe to use with my skin care regimen and for acne skin. My skin care regimen is: Morning - Cetaphil Cleanser Clindatech Cetaphil Mosturising Lotion Night - Cetaphil Cleanswer Clindatech Differin Cetap