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  1. Hi guys, thought I would update you guys on my current skin. My skins been doing very still since i got off accutane. However, the past months i've gotten pretty bad "maskne" from working in the hospital and needing to wear a tight mask for 8 hours every day.
  2. It's been 2 months since i've been off accutane and my skin is still amazing. I get the small pimple every now and then but it's NOTHING how it use to be. I miss my hair not getting greasy while on accutane but that's okay. I still have some dark spots and a red tint to my face but i have no active pimples at the moment.
  3. Have had the small pimple here and there, but nothing bad at all. I'm super happy with my skin it's made the biggest difference in how i live my life.
  4. I got a couple dms on the products i used while on accutane. Here are the absolute lifesavers. Kept my skin and lips moisturized at all times without ever over drying. I used the cereve lotion on both my body and my face because it was thick and I needed that. However, post accutane I would not put that thick cereve lotion on my face. I got a thinner one to use. I never used any other acne treatment products or face masks in the chance of over drying my skin.
  5. Just finished my final month of accutane. I am very happy with the results. My derm prescribed me a topical retinal to keep my skin clear so updates to come on how my skin keeps up post treatment. My skin still has a strong red tint to it, but i'm hoping now it will go away. I would 100% recommend accutane to a friend, but i do have to say it was hard for a couple months. months of crying and staying in bed instead of going out w my friends. But now i go to class and go out with my friends witho
  6. Guys, my heart actually hurts from the before photos. It reminds me of how low i was emotionally and mentally. it's crazy how clearing my skin has turned me confident and dare i say happy again. if you are going through this or decide to do accutane, do it. It's worth every second to get me where i am today. Today my skin is completely pimple free, only dark spots remaining. I couldn't be happier!
  7. The dermatologist said everything looks good, im even on my last month! staying on 60mg. Im still breaking out a little bit and she said i shouldn't be, but just small white heads that just go away. Hopefully everything is good at the end of this month....
  8. Just got my bloodwork done. still breaking out but these are mostly just dark and red spots. feeling good about my skin
  9. I was traveling this weekend so i missed a day or two and i'm already breaking out again so that's good
  10. First picture is month 1 and so on....
  11. Saw the dermatologist and she said everything looks good. she's keeping me on 60mg and says i only have 2 more months. woo! i'm happy w the progress rn. i'm using a vitamin c serum with the red and dark post acne marks and i think that's helping.
  12. Just got my bloodwork done
  13. Just lots of red marks and scars
  14. Any suggestions on dark spots/ acne scars? And that's a bruise on my eyelid
  15. Had another chin breakout :/ my forehead is completely clear again