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  1. Ok, I haven't updated in quite a while. Been either busy or lazy. Also I haven't quite settled down with a regimen yet... I've continued to be sceptical about how great Green Cream is for my skin. A case of less is more, perhaps? In the beginning it was very promising, but now it's like my skin has gotten used to it or something. My pores seem to be more clogged since around when I moved to level 9 - or could it be that I'm scrutinising more closely, and so I'm just imagining that they're
  2. I haven't had time to update in a while... Willow, thank you for your post. It's really nice to get some feedback. Yeah I've been thinking that maybe I'll try the GoW brand next time, so that I can compare the two. Using the Vivant has been ok though since I have been confining it to my nose, and the area of the cheeks either side of my nose(there should be a name for that area of the face ). And I've been using my fingers, as I find it's easier to control how much goes on, and it sa
  3. Hey there, thanks for the replies. I didn't know they had an e-bay store also. I ordered direct from their store at lookgr8.co.uk. Yeah, that e-bay feedback page did not look good! But it seems that they are genuine about the damage to their offices. I just checked my email, and surprise surprise they sent me a reply yesterday(Friday) notifying me that my order had been despatched and apologising for the delay. So I'm happy if it arrives sometime next week. For anyone else reading this
  4. So does anyone know anything about this company?
  5. The dry skin that I mentioned above recovered a lot more quickly than I had expected. I expected it to be dry and flaking, lasting for a few days. But after doing some thorough exfoliation, most of the dead skin came away easily and I could face the world again. I've continued to use the Green Cream morning and evening. It is such a great product that I can imagine always using it in the future, even if my skin ever becomes "perfect". It makes my skin feel super smooth, and also slows down
  6. Anyone ordered stuff from lookgr8.co.uk recently? I ordered from them a month ago, but haven't received my order yet. Last weekend I went on their site and they had a notice up about damage to their offices, and that orders would arrive "early next week". I sent them a quick email anyway just in case my order had gone missing. No reply, and still nothing received! I've just looked on their site again, and there's still the same notice up...
  7. Ugh, this morning my skin is horrible! At first I was optimistic. The redness had diminished overnight and was looking quite normal in the natural light of morning. From a distance it really looked ok! But looking close-up there's actually a lot of dryness happening... And it's beginning to crack when I touch it as the skin tightens after my shower. I didn't even use cleanser or scrub on it - nothing yet... Also my nose pores are back to being clogged. Just because I applied no Green Cream o
  8. This afternoon I massaged loads of Aloe Vera gel into my cheeks - thinking maybe I should have also left the Green Cream out this morning !! So before leaving the house, after applying my green Smashbox primer, I applied some pressed powder.. And I should have known this would happen, but the powder totally highlighted the cracking skin underneath sooooo bad! I couldn't go out like that, but I was in a hurry, so just spritzed some PH neutral mist over my nose and cheeks to "remove" some of the
  9. This morning my skin was not as damaged and irritated as I had expected it to be - last night, I was worried! It is looking fairly red and raw though, particularly around the upper cheeks. So I'm not going the use the mandelic again until this subsides. When I do, maybe I'll confine it to my nose and chin, which are the areas that need it the most anyway. The skin on my t-zone continues to be not sensitive at all... I thought my cheeks were the same way, but I'm learning now that they are a
  10. Yes, drier hair is definitely a side effect of accutane. When I was taking it, there was a noticeable reduction in the oiliness of my hair - happened at the same time as my skin reduced in oiliness. I'm surprised that your dermatologist didn't point out that this was a side effect, when prescribing the accutane. I'd suggest using the mildest shampoo you can find, and using oil to condition your hair, if it is very dry.
  11. Within the past month or so, I have decided to get aggressive with my skin! This is a whole new phase that I'm beginning. I spent the whole of my 20s more or less accepting the blocked pores and oiliness, using mattefiers and pressed powder every day(and I hate makeup). But since discovering this site a few weeks ago I have been reading some threads here, and elsewhere online, and I ordered some new products... Maybe I can finally be free of blackheads and scarred skin. (I only occasionally g