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  1. my hair is a lot nicer as far as I can tell since I have started, I am on my second month 80mg one day 40 the next. I am not sure about the growing faster but it is nice that I don't -have- to wash it every day now. I do anyways but at least I am not a walking oil slick anymore.
  2. Sorry to hear you had to come off of it so soon. That is probably why it didn't work for you, only on it a month. Ia m on my second month and I still get the occasional one. Talk to your doc and see if he/she will put you back on if you watch your cholesteral levels.
  3. There are several diffent kinds of exzema, my youger sister had it when sher was little. Of all things that would triger it was chocolate milk. Talk to your Dr, see what they say. Also keep a record of what you have been doing or eating or where you have been when it starts to flair up on you.
  4. *S* it sounds like IB or had you already had that? I found mine got like that the second week in, but it is different for everyone.
  5. what a sad sad little man. You should really find a new way to cry out for attention or simply move on with your life.
  6. my hubby has been fantastic, telling me I look good and that it will take time. Drying holly cows. I tell yea I am used to having an oil slick on my face but now hehe nothing. I am trying to find a better cream. Currently finding I have a rash on the top of my hands but I'm not sure if it is that or little scrapes from work. It is going to be worth it when I can head out and not have to worry about puting make up on just to drop my son off at school. *S*
  7. So yea I am feeling kinda bummed, I am on my third week and the IB is worse then what i had before I started taking it. Though I had been warned that this would happen and it will go away in a bit. I am not going to drop off of the meds but well I could use a little pep talk. How long has most peoples IB lasted?
  8. People seem to forget that you can OD on suplements just the same way you can on any other medication.
  9. I can understand how you are feeling about the IB. Mine has hit me now and even though some say it isn't that bad I for sure can see it and well I have it all over my back and I never did before. I am in the middle of my third week but I guess it just means we gotta trudge on before it gets better. My Derm was nice and gave me the heads up on it. I wish you luck
  10. if anyone has full blown panic attacks from acne seriously should be getting their head checked rather than there skin...that is some serious mental instability...acne by no means should give anyone panic attacks...trust me. Um well chaseryder I have had my head check thank you very much and where yes that does not give you panic attacks directly it does not help the situation when you are already feeling awful about the way you look. Perhaps you should ask before spouting off "seriously sho
  11. I have actually talked to my doc about side effects of medications before, you see the ones on tv with a list as long as your arm. It is simply this, if even one person has that effect and that is all they legally have to list it. So the chances of getting some of the ones on there are pretty slim. Um Hepatitis? Um yea that is pretty extream to toss up there. The word hepatitis simply means an inflammation of the liver without pinpointing a specific cause. Someone with hepatitis may: hav
  12. I can't remember if I had posted this before so forgive me if I have I know I can't take vitamin A while on the medication but can I use a cream that happens ot have it in it? I have a wonderful face cream that I want to use but am holding off until I find out *S*