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  1. I just started using the baking soda this week...I've just been using it as a scrub, not leaving it on too long. So far, I have noticed my skin starting to clear. I also changed my face wash and started using the Acne Free face wash to give that a try.
  2. I am actually using it right now. I had 2 start to swell up out of the blue yesterday, so I immediately put some acnomel on them and they have gone down. Hopefully, they'll go away entirely. I've been using this stuff for years and it's the only medication I've found that can actually kill the pimples rather quickly.
  3. Girl, I know what you mean about breaking out at your time of the month, nursing the pimples...having 2 days of clear skin and then BAM, the pimples start again. It's a frustrating cycle at any age. I'm 27 and it bothers me to no end. It's not your fault. Some of us are just stuck with it.
  4. I went to the store today looking specifically for waterproof foundation. Didn't find anything. I need something I can swim with. I hate swimming because I can't hide my disgusting blemishes and I hate facing people. I work outside and as a marine biologist, I often have to swim for my job. This really sucks because I don't want my coworkers seeing my face without any makeup on. It's horrible.
  5. Yep...this is my problem. My forehead is clear (maybe a random zit once in a blue moon) and my cheeks are clear...but my chin and the areas to the left & right of my mouth tend to break out. My chin with HUGE pimples...often like 3, 4, 5 big ones at once...and then on the sides of my mouth I'll get little white heads. I have no idea what it is. I've read that chin acne is hormone (menstrual) related. I know for me it is. No idea how to cure it. I wash, apply zit creams, moisturize, etc. to
  6. I do use it and have for years...it's one of my favorites. If you catch a pimple in time, it'll reduce it entirely before it becomes a huge honker. I have to admit, it's pretty good. It'll dry your face out big time if you use it too much. I usually use it to spot treat and maybe every few days I'll spread a thin layer over my chin and forehead. It's good, but beware- it's no miracle cure. My chin still breaks out (it's menstrual related for me).
  7. differin gel...but that stuff is weird. Again, I think I became immune to that too because my face was breaking out still. My friend works at a dermatologist and she gave me a bunch of samples to use...retin-a, differin, benzaclin. I think benzaclin was actually pretty good. I ran out of it though. I don't know. It seems that no matter how much I try to "attack" my face, it still breaks out.
  8. Tea tree oil doesn't really do anything for me. It burns and dries my skin out though...
  9. I know, it sucks...I would love to stay on antibiotics forever, but I just don't think it's healthy. So for now, I'm enduring the breakouts. Trying to figure out whatever remedies I can try.
  10. If you've read any of my other stories, I basically experienced the same thing as you. I was clear all throughout my teen years, with the exception of the odd pimple here & there. Then my 20s hit and BAM, the breakouts began. It got so bad by the time I was 23 that I went to the dermatologist for the first time. I'm 27 now and I'm still struggling, though I've given up on the dermatologist (for now anyway). I got sick of being told to take antibiotics. I was becoming immune to them and my fa
  11. I'd say I started breaking out in my early 20s...it got bad enough at 23. That's when I made my first trip to the dermatologist. I'm 27 now and my struggles continue. It's a nightmare. My pimples aren't too bad, I'll admit it. It's usually just my chin that is constantly covered in like 5 huge pimples at once. My forehead and cheeks are clear (for the most part...sometimes they spread from my chin to my cheeks around my mouth). My chin is just embarrassing...covered in scars and red dots. Not
  12. I was never on bactrim, but my derm did have me on minocyclin, which is another antibiotic. I hate to say it, but I would break out as the doses decrease. My derm tried to lower my dosage, but my face started to break out, so I ended up going back up to 100 mg/day. The bottom line is that my face has only been clear when I've been on oral antibiotics. Even then, I think I was becoming immune to them because towards the end of my treatment, I was starting to break out again.
  13. Ugh, I'm soooo sick of pimples. I don't think I'll ever shake this disease. Makes me look forward to menopause...
  14. 27...acne started early twenties...first trip to the dermatologist at 23 when it started to get out of control.
  15. I'm using the Glytone Skin Bleaching Fading Lotion - 2% hydroquinone to fade scarring. My derm recommended that I apply it twice a day (as per the instructions). I've been using it for a week or so and I can't believe how much it has faded my scars already. Significant improvement. The only thing I have to say is that it does dry out your skin...uncomfortably so. After 4-5 days, my skin was feeling raw. So, I went a day or two without applying it to let my skin rest a bit...after that, I've had