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  1. I know the sugar part is very painful. I try to cut back on gluten and white rice. So I started to eat quinoa. And also, I make sure to have a side salad with each meal, except for breakfast. I also put some lemon slices in water and drink it throughout the day. I am very sensitive to gluten. Eating a slice of bread will give me several pimples. I really miss the taste of bread...haha... Acne really sucks. But I've heard that taking probiotic supplements can help. Have you ever tried that? I bou
  2. I haven't touched milk in years so I'm not really sure if dairy is the cause. But I tend to get a few pimples after eating string cheese. And I know there are alternatives to chips like kale "chips" or sweet potatoes. But to be honest, the taste is not close to potato chips at all. I'm so jealous of people who can eat whatever they want and still have flawless skin. I just wish that I can at least enjoy my favorite foods every once in a while without constantly stressing and thinking that this m
  3. I have tried to stay away from eating chips for a couple years now. But I really love chips (and by that, I mean almost ANY kinds). And so every once in a while, I would eat a small bag of Doritos. And of course, I would get a few huge and painful pimples a couple days later. I recently discovered avocado oil potato chips (Kettle brand). I'm wondering if I would break out from eating that. Has anyone had it before? And is it safe to eat? Also, are there any other "healthy" option chips that won'
  4. I was prescribed tretinoin (0.01%) last August. My dermatologist also prescribed me benzoyl peroxide (10%) to use as a spot treatment. When I first started using them, my skin felt fine (I didn't have any major irritation or redness.) I went through the purging phase and my skin began to clear up for a bit. However, I would still get some painful pimples every few days. At that time, I thought that maybe it would take longer for me to heal and get rid of acne completely. But 7 months have passed