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  1. It worked so well when I was in 8th grade such an amazing product, but my skin has been getting bad worse bad worse over the years, right now its eh okay... it is good with long term use why arent you satisfied? what did your derm have to say? Im 19 now so hopefully im nearing the end of my acne days. Im not satisfied yet because of all the clogged pores i still have and the occasional bad breakouts. I also seem to get acne where ever my facial hair happens to be growing in at the time and
  2. I have been on the gel for 4 months and it is really strong...not sure about the cream. Im curious to how Taz has worked for you over this long time? I am definitely not satisfied yet.
  3. My skin peels like every 2 days just from using Taz and washing my face with cetiphel facial cleanser i dont think it could handle mandelic acid and baby brush =/... My derm told me he doesent prescribe accutane anymore also... it seems like he is a real huge fan of taz and he seems to be convinced it will work. Reason i want my blackheads to be gone is because the areas with the black heads are the most inflamed/red areas on my face and they are the areas where the most pimples form. Is this
  4. Ok so I apply lots of moisterizer to my face because my face gets so dry from Tazorac. I do wait about 15 minutes before I apply the Taz so it can be effective. Can this effect the redmarks that are all left over my cheeks from future acne and prolong them? They just dont want to fade away. Its also been very cold outside so that has something do with my dry skin and using lots of moisterizer.
  5. Hello I used to not really care about my blackheads at all but recently they have become annoying because they arent really showing any signs of going away like i was told. I have been using Tazoradc for 4 months now and just finished up my tetracycline because my derm told me to stop. My overall acne has really lessened but i still get very persistant acne aswell. I thought a retinoid as strong as taz would make the blackheads go away but 4 months in i still got LOTS on my nose, lower forehead,
  6. Hey after 4 months my derm told me to stopp tetracycline this week and start using taz twice a day. He said stopping tetracycline will improve my skin. I have been on antibiotics like minocycline doxycycline and tetracycline for almost 2 years now so i dont know if it had any effect at all. Does it sound like a good idea to stop taking the pills?
  7. Hey i havent been on taz for as long as you guys but it has been a week shy of 4 months. Right now my derm JUST has me on taz.1% twice a day. He took me off the tetracycline this week which i really dont know was doing anything at all. I have been on mino doxy tetra for almost 2 years now so im probably immune. He said my skin will actually improve from going off tetracycline. Im a little concerned because he just wants me to use Taz and no cleanser and no moisterizer. I use a mild cleanser a
  8. I have been one taz .1% for a week shy of 4 months now just applying it once a day. I saw my docter today and he told me to start using it twice a day and im using to much at one time. He also told me to stop taking the tetracycline even though it says 2 refills on the bottle. I STILL get bad acne and i hate my skin. Im just going to listen to him and keep up the taz because i just dont know wtf there is else to do, its like a battle that im never going to win.
  9. Been on tazorac for over 3 months now and im still getting acne under my eyes on my cheeks. My skin is more red, more oily, my pimples are the largest there, and the red marks never go away. Any suggestions to get rid of the oiliness/redness faster? it sucks having acne around your eyes because thats where most people look at you.
  10. My forehead has totally cleared up..still hoping for the rest of the parts of my face to eventually stop breaking out. Im just guessing there is more acne deeper within the skin in other areas of my face. 13 weeks
  11. Hey i think im almost 12 weeks into Taz now so im a little behind you roxy. Taz has cleared my forehead very well. I get alot less whiteheads on my cheeks now but i have lots of red marks. My temple areas are breaking out still and so is the area in between my eyebrows. I do believe Taz is working because my skin still peels in the morning and its very dry. Working but the acne clearing process is so slowwwwwwww. my skins is still oily also
  12. How well did tazorac clear your acne over 3 months jidka? Im only on my 10th week and i still get breakouts and my skin is still very red around my breakout areas. Also my skin is still slightly peeling n my cheeks when i wake up in the morning. Is this a good sign?
  13. hmmm i havent experienced any hairl loss...2 months in. Just wondering though how well has taz worked for your acne and how long have you been on it?