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  1. No, you wont. Accutane can be a permanent fix for most people.
  2. I have no idea. He put me on Bactrim DS a loooong time ago, and it never fully cleared up the problem, and I kinda gave up on it, cause its not so bad. But I had a recent mild flare up on my forehead, none of them were too bad, just little red dots here and there, but persistent for about 2 weeks, so I went in, and he prescribed it to me.
  3. Well I got my medicine last night, and I thought he said 50 mg twice a day, but its actually 40 mg twice a day. I dont have any body acne, but I do get persistent mild acne and its just annoying and troublesome, and the regimen I had to use to stay clear was annoying and time consuming. Also keep in mind that my skin type scars easier than most.
  4. I start tonight. Ive been prescribed 50 mg pills, twice a day. I dont really have much acne. I do have oily skin, and every so often Ill get a small break out here, or there, but its overall not very bad. For example. Heres me, http://i10.tinypic.com/8dx12jr.jpg Is 100 mg overkill? What should I expect?