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  1. How do you like Paula's 2.5% BP? I heard it has a matte finish. Also is Paula's toner really necessary for healthy skin? Thanks.
  2. I've been using it for 3 weeks now. 1st week it started to get rid of some small white heads and closed comedomes. Stopped working on the 2nd week. It's really weak stuff. The cleanser is a joke seriously. Its like rubbing water on my face Anyways look for my regime if you get a chance. Also I'd like to add I only spent $20. So It's no biggy. It was worth the shot for $20. Just make sure you cancel right after you get the package or you will be paying A LOT more.
  3. Morning: Purpose Cleaner Liquid Paula's Choice 2% BHA liquid (makes your face a bit shiny, i might swap it with the bp and use it at night instead) Cerave Cream Lotion Night: Purpose Cleaner Liquid 2.5% BP product (i usually use dan's bp gel, but i hate the way it feels on your skin. been using max clarities bp leave on foam for now. might look into paula's bp matte finish stuff) Cerave Light Lotion Once a week: Crushed up asprin mixed with jojoba oil. I use it to exfoliate the face it also k
  4. Max clarity is weak sauce. It worked a little for a week then stopped. I'm back to what I know works for me and I'll share it with you guys. I might still use their BP leave on foam though. Cause it's quick to put on and doesnt feel nasty on the skin. I havent had any red pimples while using it so I might just keep that. The other stuff that comes with max clarity sucks though. I still have white heads and all the other gunk. What I use: Gentle Purpose Cleaner (liquid) Paulas choice 2% BHA
  5. I use the liquid and it works great! It got rid of all my white heads and those little bumps on my forehead. Never tried the gel, but i heard it gets gooey on your face when you sweat. The liquid is a bit shiny on the face when it dries so I use it at night before I sleep.
  6. I had the same problem, if you don't need lotion after a wash don't use it. If there's dry patches just glide a small amount on that part. People say jojoba oil works the best, but I've never tried it.
  7. Also quit fucking with guys who might be have STD. AKA dirty manwhores who get blowjobs in tijuana for 20 bucks.
  8. HERPES! OMFG! Lol j/k. It's a friggin pimple yo! Relax! Haha.
  9. BP itself cannot cause Acne, but the after effects might. For example the BP might dry out your skin therefore causing your skin to produce more oil. Oil + Skin flakes clog the pores creating PIMPLES! So you just have to figure out a way to solve that. Moisterize + Exfoliate properly and you should be good to go.
  10. Not sure if this can help, but it helped me with my redness. When I first started using BP my face would turn red. After years of use I don't get red anymore. I started to use pure Tea Tree Oil for spot treatment and sometimes I would put a little too much and parts of my face would burn and turn bright red. I immediately took some Cerave Cream (Lotion should be the same thing, Cream might make you break out) and rubbed it in the red spots and it was VERY soothing. 5 minutes later my face is b
  11. I feel the same way, but around girls. My self-confidence has decreased and chicks don't dig it. I try to avoid conversations with hot chicks cause of my acne. Read this post it helped me figure out what I needed to change. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Biggest-M...le-t102347.html Like the guy said earlier, keep it simple. I used to use proactiv and it cleared some of my pimples, but it left my skin uneven and fucked up. sorry for my language, but i felt it was necessary.
  12. yea i read something on here that said if lotion is in a cream form, it could clog pores, despite it being labeled non comedogenic. if this is true, that's pretty crappy if you ask me. kinda hard not to be cynical. but def try the bottle cerave lotion. i have both and the bottle won't clump up. ever since i've read that about the cream i've been hesitant to use it. other than that though i've had a good experience with cerave. Will do. Thanks. Hopefully Wallgreens will allow me to exchange
  13. In the morning when I don't use the BP gel. It works just fine, but I think since it's a cream it has some type of waxy pasty ingredient in it that clogs pores. If a bottle of something says non-comedogenic it could really mean anything. A working marketing scheme if you ask me. I'm going to buy the liquid lotion and try that.
  14. ONe more question.. does Dan's lotion make your face look greasy?