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  1. Will this stop happening after I get more used to it? This is my 2nd or 3rd day on the regimen. I got the equate Moisturizer from wal-mart. on the back it says it has latic acid in it. is that why? is it still ok for me to use it, it wont hurt me right? will it eventually stop doing it?
  2. Oh ok thanks. I'll have to get a new moisturizer then. I have Clearasil Daily face wash. Would that be good enough? it says Oil Free. clears away dirty, oil and bacteria without overdrying. Also one last question I promise. So you have to keep using this Regimen for the rest of your life basically? or until you get old enough and outgrow it, if you ever do that is? I heard some ppl took accutane and it never came back once they got off it, but some said it did come back. Is it the same chance o
  3. Thanks, sorry for so many questions. I have one last question I think. I have a Invigoration Cleansing Scrub from Avon and I was wondering if it would be ok? It says anti-bacterial on it. on the back it says use once to twice a week when deep cleansing is desired. does that mean I cant use this daily? I have another daily cleanser but was just checking if I could use this when I run out of the other one. also will any moisturizer be ok or is there anything specific I should look out for? Thanks
  4. oh haha I see it now, I dont know how I missed that. so about when im taking a shower, is it ok to wash my face with regular soap? or should I not wash it all in the shower, or get some sensitive type of soap?
  5. ok thanks for all the info. one last question. I'm supposed to do it 2x a day right, morning and night? but where on the site does it say that? I looked everywhere on the site and I couldnt find where it said how many times a day to do it.
  6. Hi, I was wondering, is BP bad for your skin? on another forum someone said this "Im pretty sure benzoyl peroxide is one of the biggest scams in medicine. It damages your skin and will make it worse in the long run." Whats the deal with that? True,False? any info? thanks. Oh I almost forgot. Is it ok to wash my face in the shower with regular soap?