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  1. Don't cry Molly! I'm having a bad time at work recently too so I can sympathise. And I would have thought that your colleagues would know by now that you're sensitive about you skin and they shouldn't make stupid comments like 'oh proactive worked for Jessica Simpson blah blah blah'. Stupid colleagues! Mmmm chocolate, I eat far too much of it. Especially when I'm at work because if I get down I use it to pick myself up. I'm going to Spain for the next week so I don't think I'll be able to po
  2. Oooh I love apple pie, and cherry pie. In fact name any sort of dessert type food and I like it. I wouldn't mind having a sweet tooth if I didn't also love all things savoury too I really can't think what the itching could be, it looks like you've got all the bases covered in terms of the pillowcase and using products recommended by your derm and if it was an allergy surely the hydrocortisone would have helped.
  3. Poor Molly, if these symptons were a one off I'd say it sounds like the flu. Do you have a fever?
  4. Hi Molly, long time no post but I have been following your progress. Maybe you are allergic to something you're eating. You're probably really busy but if you have time maybe you could try keeping a food diary and make a quick note of what you're eating and if your skin changes significantly. If it is the weather do you think its the cold or damp? Oddly my skin loves the colder weather but I tend to get itchy skin in the summer. Guess it just goes to show there is no one size fits all soluti
  5. Hi Molly I eat frozen berries for breakfast too. I put them in a blender jug with some frozen mango, leave it in the fridge overnight and then in the morning whizz it up with some unsweetened, organic natural yoghurt to make a smoothie of sorts. I can't eat the berries frozen though, I'm so cold when I getback from work that I just curl up in a blanket with tea. Oh and I also have a spoonful of manuka honey every evening because its meant to be antibacterial and very good for you.
  6. I bought one about a year ago. It doesn't really hurt but it took me so bloody long to do that I only used it a few times. I don't even know where mine is.
  7. It must be tough for you, I think sometimes doctors don't really understand how stress and anxiety can make even the most simple everyday activities a challenge. Sometimes it can be a vicious cycle, you feel bad about your skin so you get more stressed and the more stress you feel the more your skin looks worse. But at least your doctor is willing to try new things with you and hopefully the products will start working for you with regular use. I'm sending my good thoughts.
  8. Poor Molly I like to pick too, pain just makes it more satisfying when the stuff comes out for me. Hopefully things will start getting better for you with this new stuff then. Sorry to hear about the problems your having with your medication, I hope your doctor sorts out the right dosage for you. A lot of people think stress has an effect on skin so who knows, getting the dosage right might have a positive effect for you? Do you find that when your feeling more relaxed your skin looks better
  9. Are you using the ACV straightor diluting it? Using it straight might be a little harsh for your skin. I dilute mine and I love the effects. Sorry if you've already mentioned diluting it.
  10. 1) Sweet Almond Oil- I use it cleanse and on my eyelashes and to moisturise my body. 2)Weleda Skin Food- lovely rich cream, more like a balm 3)Mascara- brown and I try to use ones not tested on bunnies, I have deepset eyes so I always wear mascara. 4) Spf- always wear at least factor fifty (it's the polish and scottish genes) 5) OPI nail varnish- currently wearing Russian Navy, t'is gorgeous
  11. I have to say perfecting my skin. When my skin looks good my makeup looks better too because it has a better base. I don't use much makeup anyway though.
  12. Yeah I've posted a couple of times about lighting too.I also go to work before it gets light and don't leave until it's dark so it is hard to work out if you look ok. But if you look good in your car mirror your probably doing it right because car mirrors seem to show everyflaw for me and are pretty unforgiving.
  13. Hey everyone, I love OPI nail varnishes, they never chip or streak and I find them to be excellent value for the amount you get (especially considering you don't have to reapply very frequently). I like strong,dark colurs on short nails and I want a gunmetal grey shade. Does anyone know the names of any OPI varnishes that match this description?
  14. Thanks guys. I think I'm just being a bit hormonal and cranky. I will try to be more upbeat tomorrow, I think when I'm at work I don't have time to worry about how I look (and the work mirror always gives a good reflection despite overhead lighting which just shows how screwy it all is)
  15. I would but it's not my mirror Is it better to know the truth though, or live in ignorance. I don't want people to laugh at me.
  16. Hi Molly, I'm having problems with makeup too at the moment, or is it self-esteem, I don't know. Do you put lip balm or anything similar on your lips at night. I know sometimes I've had problems with stuff rubbing onto the skin aroiund my lips and blocking pores. One time I picked something that was just below my lip and I ended up with a scab that made me look like I had pierced my lip, not a good look.
  17. Hi Everyone. Just thought I'd post because I've been feeling a bit down recently. Remember a couple of weeks ago I was talking about how different lighting was making me paranoid about how I look? Well yesterday I was on my way out and I looked in a mirror I don't usually use and all I could think was my god you are so ugly. My makeup looked stupid, my skin looked crap, everything was just wrong. Recently I've been getting compliments about my skin but all I can think now is that they must have
  18. I love acv, I dilute it fifty fifty with water and it really does wonders for my skin tone. I can't remember the exact name of the product I hate but it's the clearisil one that promises clear skin in three days. Yes I was stupid enough to think that maybe it would work but after two washes my skin was completely stripped and parched, not even flaky but just so dry you could see tiny cracks all over my face.
  19. I think less is more works for me because my skin is quite sensitive. When I was using harsh cleansers they were just irritating my skin more and adding to the problem, now I use almond oil to cleanse and acv as a toner and my skin is much better because I'm notconstantly drying it out and irritating it. Of course everyone's skin is different, I guess that's why acne is so frustrating, you haveto spend so much time trying to find what works for you.
  20. My skin is quite sensitive and it was always shiny by midday although I also got dry bits in the winter. I read about ocm on another site and they all seemed to use castor oil as the base of their cleanser but I've never tried it and had a supply of sweet almond oil that I used for my hair so I gave it a go. It's working so well I don't want to try the castor oil now in case it messes it up. I like the saeet almond oil because although it's moisturising it's not too thick so you don't have to sc
  21. Yeah I'm glad you found a concealer you like, what one are you using? And don't worry about men wearing makeup, all the male stars use it.
  22. I have been using sweet almond oil to cleanse for the last two and a half weeks and I love it! I was very wary at first too but it's great. It takes offf my mineral make up and mascara, doesn't break me out, it's removed my blackheads and I don't get greasy by midday anymore!And it's so much cheaper than most cleansers. All I do is gently massage the oil all over my face until I can see that it's dissolved all my makeup and then use a muslin cloth soaked in warm water to gently remove. I do th
  23. Hi Molly, I'm trying to lose a few pounds that I put on over the holiday season too. The problem is I sort of lost my routine and indulged a little too much. I'm going back to jogging on my rebounder for half hour a day and eating like I did before Christmas. I didn't put on much but because I'm so short it always shows. So it looks like your starting to see some good results. How long have you been using this regimen now?