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  1. I wanted to provide anyone who is reading this thread with an update. From earlier posts, you will notice that I have been suffering from post-Accutane hair loss for 3 years. I am a 34 year old female so you can imagine the devastation this lasting side effect has caused me. I decided to give the cleanse a try considering I do see the merits in cleansing. I started on May 7th - it actually took me a few days to get the right dosage so I was on it for a week straight, took a few days off, sta
  2. I do not want to get in the middle of an argument here, but I would like to add my thoughts. As a LONG time post-Accutane hair-loss sufferer, I am absolutely delighted to hear that SOMETHING has worked for SOMEONE. I am a 34 year old female and my hair has been falling out by the handful for the last 3 years. It has completely ruined my life - in fact, it has gotten so bad that I have two wigs. I have probably spent at least $20,000 over the last 36 months trying to find anything that would
  3. JNT - great to hear that your shed decreased again! Mine is still absurd, but my docs now are pretty sure that my loss is due to some health issues I'm having. Do you do the goldwell spray in the morning and activ-m at night?
  4. Mikey - have used aloe for the last 3 nights in a row and had the WORSE shed of my life this morning. I know it can't possibly be from the aloe though.
  5. Skipped last night - had a dinner to go to and was way too tired to deal with it when i got home! btw - how do you apply the aloe - do you just use your hands and apply it to your scalp? I have long-ish hair, so i'm thinking about using a syringe to apply it to my scalp. did you really see an immediate decrease in shedding? nuts. do you think it would be okay to do nightly or do you think that is overkill?
  6. I was an idiot and didn't mash up the aloe with a blender so it was little impossible to put it on my scalp last night! I will try again this evening. Fingers crossed.
  7. Thanks guys. Mikey - what does your hair look like after rinsing the aloe out. I got the plant today, but i'm concerned about putting it in my hair tonight, rinsing it out tomorrow and then having to go to work. Does it make it look greasy or oily?
  8. I lost over 500 hairs today and yesterday. I am about ready to give up and shave my head. I cannot take another high shed period. I'm seriously losing my mind. Mark - gave up on the lasers -thought they were increasing my shed so i went back to all of my old regime stuff,i.e. activ f and KGF hair serum. I just ordered some aloe plants so i will try that soon. I still can't believe this madness is starting all over again. I was just thinking that i was finally out of the woods and then
  9. Mark - what are your thoughts about copper peptides. As you know I'm anti-Rogaine so I was doing some reading about this and wanted to hear your thoughts.
  10. Perfect. Do you shampoo immediately before or after putting in the aloe or do you just rinse it out and then let it go?
  11. Mikey - pardon my complete ignorance here, but could you please walk me through what you do with the aloe vera? I'm assuming you slice open the leaf and take out the aloe - put it in a blender with some water to make a paste mixture. Put the mixture on your scalp and let it sit for at least 45 minutes and then rinse out....is that correct? and you are only doing this 1x per week? Second dumb question - where do you find an aloe plant?!
  12. Mikey - did you just buy an aloe plant and use that? Do you think you could just use aloe vera gel?
  13. JNT - how is the Goldwell stuff working for you? Are you using it in the morning or night?
  14. JNT and Mikey - wow - we have VERY similar stories. My loss was FINALLY decreasing. I was finally under 100 and should have been so excited and was starting to notice regrowth all over the top of my head....and then out of nowhere, for the last 3 weeks, my hair started pouring out of my head again. Lost 400 hairs yesterday and on Thursday. This is the 13 month mark for me as well. Maybe our hairs are just trying to "right" the cycle so since we shed a ton last year at this point, the cycle
  15. Marc - sorry for all the questions - do you think the t-flavanone could be making my hair shed more? I can't get over how out of control things have been across the last 3 days. It's so depressing.