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  1. will do. this is the only product i use and i only use it at night. whenever i get itchy i use a facecloth to scrub or put on some cetaphil moisturizing cream (which is too greasy to wear during the day, have any recommendations? ) is that good ? thanks for the quick response btw.
  2. weird, this morning i woke up with completely clear skin and now that i go to look in the mirror i see a whole bunch, except they're small. is this common?
  3. To be honest, don't scrub with any harsh products while on glycolic acids. Use a washcloth or a baby brush to get rid of the flakes. Most manual scrubs are very harsh (the ones with beads are more gentle). They can actually make you more sensitive and put tiny cuts into your skin, even though you can't see the cuts. This lets bacteria get in and hence, more acne. Glycolics are one of the only treatments that work on me consistently. I find that scrubs counteract the exfoliation effects of glycol
  4. Well I only started less than a week ago, so I'm no expert by any means. However, one thing you should know is: Prepare For Irritation. My skin has been peeling slightly, which I wouldn't mind if it wasn't so itchy. The itch could seriously prevent me from sleeping. I don't think it's a good idea to use another exfoliating product with an AHA but i end up having to just to get that itch away. Just a heads up.
  5. What Can I Expect To See As My Skin Is Getting Used To The Product? I Started Using This Product With Two Or So Small Pimples And Red Marks. I Started Thursday Night. Now, I Have No Pimples Except For A Large One Under The Skin On My Chin. There Are Many Bumps All Over My Face That Don't Look Quite Like Pimples. They Are The Color Of My Skintone And Are Usually Small. My Once Blemish Free Forehead Now Has Very Many Of These. There Seems To Be Less Now That My Skin Has Gotten Used To The Product
  6. three days ago, i started using 5% Benzoyl Peroxide & Clindamycin (the ingredients in Benzaclin - I use the two seperately though because my insurance will cover it that way) at night only. I use cetaphil daily facial cleanser in the morning. At night, first i use the cleanser again, then put on Benzoyl Peroxide, waited ten minutes, put on Clindamycin, waited ten minutes, then put on cetaphil moisturizing cream if necessary. It seems like my smaller pimples are getting larger. Is this what u
  7. im sorry if these have already been answered, i read some replies but not all. 1. how long should i be using a transition product (cetaphil or vinegar) before i take the switch to water? 2. how long should it take before i start seeing results? 3. how many times a day should you wash your face with water ? 4. can you use a natural face mask to get rid of oil (only once a week), or do you recommend against it ? 5. can i use the mask i mentioned in question four as a spot treatment as i am us
  8. I Prefer Cetaphil. Dove & Ivory Both Make My Face Dry Out. Cetaphil Is More Gentle For Me. But As Everyone Else Said, What Works For One May Really Mess Up Another
  9. White Bread, Chocolate, Fried Foods, Dairy Products & More Are Only A Few Of The Things I Have Found In My Research As Foods To Avoid - Check Here For A More Detailed List: http://ezinearticles.com/?Foods-to-Avoid-t...e&id=309077
  10. i am soon to be getting an appointment to a dermatologist but until then i want to see what i can do on my own. i have tons of products but i'm not sure what is the most effective way to use them. tell me which to use and when to use them. thanks. i have : clearasil ultra daily face wash st ives invigorating apricot scrub cetaphil daily facial cleanser neutrogena alcohol-free toner neutrogena oil free anti-acne moisturizer nature's cure benzoyl peroxide vanishing cream queen helene mint julep m