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  1. DAY 35 Right have to say, i dont update this regulary due to the fact i hardly go on the pc and also that nothing much has changed since i last wrote. Well i can say now that i havent had a new spot for ages now, but my face and neck is sooooo red i cant explain, im on 60mg taking them in the morning after i had something to eat. My lips are in very bad condition i just put alot of vaseline hoping it will work. My face gets realy dried up quicker now All of these negative points 1 month int
  2. Hey pinkunicorns, how is things Iv been just reading on how your getting on, im glad that everything is goin well for you. Im on day 20 still, and so far no improvment, when did u start to see improvment? My lips are really bad, can you advice on what to use? And btw i use nivea for men moisturiser on my face, its doing a good job Thanks
  3. Hi there... i really wana try roaccutane ..after 16 years of acne n its getting worse..saw my doctor ast friday..told me ..oh ill give u some more cream n tablets..if that dosent work..come back in 5 months.. im so sick of using stuff that dont work..what does it take for me to go on Roaacutane.?? :\ x
  4. Day 11 Right, my lips are really bad, dry and keep peeling. Im using tons of vaseline I cant say im gettin very dry skin at the moment. Also i got 3 new spots and they are really large Still im positive about it
  5. DAY 5 ! Hey guys, i usually take my pills in evening around 7 but relised everyone takes them in the morning so thats what i did today. (but i still took my pills y.day at 7) so there was about 13 hours between the two, i dont know if this is ok? Have to say so far im only getting dry skin on my face. Altough last night whilst sleeping i woke up in pain in my foot, i dont know if accutane was the cause. So far so good, wish me luck
  6. Hey, thanks for you quick reply My derm said i can take whenever i like but pharmacist told me morning with breakfast so i was a bit confused :S Also i was told that acne helps tone your skin and help scars, but i cannot do anything for scaring until my course is finished
  7. Hey, im from UK too I started my course on thursday 40mg a day. Your about one step ahead of me please refer: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Accutane-logs-f36.html good luck
  8. After suffering from acne about 5 years, i have been put on roaccutane by my derm last week Thursday. I am a male aged 21, i cant say i have many spots but rather red marks, old spot marks or scaring i should say, however i do get new spots now n then. Im from the UK, and i wanted to ask acouple questions When is the best time to take roaccutane? I have more scaring then whiteheads, would this work on scars? So far i havent seen no changes in my body, mood, face - so no side effects I will