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  1. 2 months and one week???....... Alrighty friends, I'm here to set the record straight. In an attempt to be brutally honest about how tough it can be to take Accutane, I fear I've done nothing but present the shitty side of things. No more bitching and moaning (maybe a little, but I'm tryin' here). Here goes...... First, as stated many times before, my skin is really, really dry, which sucks, but that also means it is NOT OILY I'm talking not a trace. Anywhere. It's so refreshing to put
  2. 2 months down....... Wow, time flies...time for an update. So I went to my derm almost two weeks ago now, she bumped me to 80mg/day as I had hoped. I'm happy about the increase, as I want to get this madness done and over with ASAP, but wow, do I notice the difference! My skin is soooooo dry, like P-A-I-N-F-U-L-L-Y dry. I didn't know dryness like this was possible! Sometimes I get lazy at night and skip washing and moisturizing my face before bed (because I can)....HUGE mistake. Must must
  3. Ohhh yes! Sorry if that didn't come through in my long winded entry I would consider my condition "improved"......yet I feel I still have a ways to go. I guess I think if I were to go off Accutane right now (wouldn't dream of it) because my skin looks pretty good, I'd still be in trouble down the road as there is still sooooo much clogged stuff in these pores of mine that hasn't come out yet (can see it in the form of tiny bumps under skin). I think of it/them as "zits waiting to happen",
  4. Day 50-ish............. Yikes, been awhile since I've been here! Took me awhile to recover from the Pack going down in the playoff game and on top of that my story has been a bit boring, so I've saved you all the not so spectacular details Well, I'm again speaking to my face and Accutane, but I reserve the right to invoke the silent treatment again if I see fit I believe we've come to an agreement of sorts because as Greek Angel spoke of, I too find my actives are slow to come a
  5. 31 days............GO PACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shit. Party's over.....face sucks. I've got five very red, sizeable actives, not cysts, for which I'm grateful, but big-ass pimples just the same They're spread out pretty evenly so they manage to make my whole face look crappy. Blech. And to add insult to injury, I've got literally millions of blackheads all over the place. It's so weird, I swear before Accutane I didn't have a single blackhead! I guess I'm glad they're coming out.....IF
  6. Good morning twentysomething You've come to the right place, you will find lots of support and information here on these boards, and tons of people who are in your same boat. Acne is such a confidence killer, I am sorry you're suffering so. Just know that you've made a good decision and though it doesn't seem like it now, Accutane will work for you, just give it a chance. Yes, things might get worse before they get better (though mine hasn't.....yet), but in the end it'll be worth it. Hang
  7. Day 27.....(or something like that, I forget) Thanks for the input Natgirl--ohh my can I relate on the "fleshy bumps" thing! I think they're just horribly clogged pores just dying to get their shot at being a big girl zit, fingers crossed they don't get a chance. I have tons on my cheeks, too, and they seem to be growing in size these last few days. Can't be a good sign. I actually did squeeze a few earlier tonight (bad, bad girl). I did get a bit of white, very solid, gunk out (
  8. Regulas my dear, you worry me The mom in me is very concerned about the depression you speak of, and I have wanted to comment many a time to offer support. Keep your chin up, honestly, these are nowhere near the best years of your life (yes, I know, that's a line in some song, but seriously, it's the truth, you just don't know it yet). I don't know your family situation other than you say it sucks, but hang in there kid, you'll get through all this and the future will be brighter. I speak fr
  9. Day 26........ So the Packers won, the Giants won, and now they're headed to GB on Sunday so we can crush them on our own turf....does it get better than this???? Oh yes, my friends, it does....I have clear skin to boot! Life is good Not much to report on the homefront. Side effects seem to have leveled off, like my bod has adjusted to the meds with a hearty "alrighty then". Lips get dry if I don't use aquaphor a couple times a day, eyes are still a little goofy (I think it's dr
  10. Thanks for the shout out em....it's always a Favre day in our house !!!
  11. Day 24...... Packers play today...GO PACK Ok, now that I got the important stuff out of the way Yes greekangel, I want to live like the other half of the population with dry skin....forever! I seems far easier to add moisture to my skin than to try to sop up gobs of oil, though maybe that's just a little bit of the grass being greener on the other side thing. Who knows, but for now I'm loving it. Skin is still doing well, though I am starting to see signs of an uprising. Damn, kn
  12. Hey natural girl, I'm so glad you asked. I was going to talk about it in my last post, but wasn't sure anyone cared, lol. But since you did ask.....I totally, 100% love my Clarisonic brush! I got it maybe a year and half ago already and it rocks, hardly a day ever goes by that I don't use it. As I stated earlier, I now use the super sensitive brush head (not sure what they call it, they've got too many different ones for me to keep track of) and I only use it once a day, as opposed to twice
  13. 3 weeks in........... Whew, time flies. Things are still awesome on Accutane, totally kicking myself for not trying this stuff YEARS ago. Ahh well, at least I'm here now. So just very minimal side effects.....lips are dry (aquaphor every hour or so and they're fine), skin is soooooo much less oily (we're talking I can't even fill up one blue oil blotter thing at the end of the day---LOVE IT) and my vision is a little quirky. It's almost like my eyes are too wet, like they're tea
  14. OMG, totally can relate about the make-up issue! I was just thinking that yesterday, it's amazing that my face looks the same before bed as it does in the morning right after I get all dolled up Love love love this side-effect, if only it could last forever. Thanks for the Tylenol info, guess I'll use ibuprof instead for the time being. Weird how every derm's got a different opinion, good thing we do our own homework Good luck to you..........nlf
  15. Hey aimless, just finished your log, thanks for sharing your story. I'm a bit behind you, almost 3 weeks in. Similar stories though, I feel your pain. I haven't hit my IB, in fact things look so great it's freaky (of course I just jinxed myself). Anyhow, just wanted to ask, your derm said no tylenol? First I've heard of that. I've been taking some tylenol PM before bed as I'm fighting a head cold that REALLY likes me and won't leave. Wondering if I should rethink that? Also, my derm said