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  1. where i live no one has acne , i rarely see someone with acne
  2. do people feel the need to push you down when youre already going through a tough time ?ive been noticing this alot lately in my friends and family, i mean is this like a thing where it makes them feel better or superior to you? and no its not about acne ... well not ingeneral..
  3. my dad feels slightly obliged to remind me that i have acne ( havent had a breakout for 2 weeks now ), hell stay stuff like popped a pimple yet every morning or im sitting at the couch watching tv and this news about this dead guy comes on hell say he probably saw ur pimple and fainted ... meh not much u can do i just try and stay away from home a bit more than usual
  4. Are you kidding? Did you see his Avatar? Just be yourself 'Patiently Waiting' and try not to put too much emphasis on the date thing. Think of it as being out with your mates, relax and have a laugh. Joyful1's suggestion is a great icebreaker as you have 2 others to talk to if needed?! You'll do fine, but keep us all posted!
  5. mmm a doctor actually suggested it to me if i am running low on other stuff i should use toothpaste
  6. Hmmm ive found out something lately , every time i apply a baking soda type toothpaste on a cyst it start oozing pus like crazy , happens to anyone else?
  7. well yea but seriously we really have to stop feeling sorry for ourselves , i wish by saying this i could help some of you
  8. is it me or do most people here suffer from anxiety / severe anxiety / depression? ive been seeing many posts lately..
  9. seal has lupus , its mainly a disease that attacks your organs chronically.
  10. no and yes . depends on the type of job . i could go a whole day splitting them apart
  11. haha they didnt even send the biolexin... they actually FORGOT , only after i filed claim they remembered and gave me my money back .... -,-im just gonna go tomorrow and get some stuff
  12. ok well basically i have 4-5 indented rolling scars on my right cheek and 1 uhm "valley like indented scar" i dont know if i described the last scar correctly. it looks like a tree branch. from personal experience can you suggest successful treatments for those type of scars? thx will rly appreciate if you reply p.s oh yeah the rolling scars are still red and they dont look deep so i dont know if theyre superficial scars perhaps superficial scars look like rolling scars while theyre healing?
  13. you have glowing skin on that pic ... :/ but gl with the derm thing..
  14. Severe anxiety disorder.... as we get older we get more complicated and acne only makes things worse. Stand up be heard.
  15. Oh ffs... are people really this gullible? head on to the holistic forum and watch the pics in the welcome page by healthoid