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  1. Ammeo

    Thoughts on Dr David Lim?

    Thats not how you talk to someone. Maybe you should look into yourself before judging anyone else. The more info? Well, the info that he has available is dangerous. No one throws a drop of TCA into a Scar. Even for him it is very dangerous and i am sure he might have messed up someone with his risky self-innovated procedure. And Many of us are first timers so there is a change of something going wrong and with the info Davin Lim is sharing on the internet, the chances of messing up a simpl
  2. Ammeo

    Thoughts on Dr David Lim?

    Its been 5 months now and i dont think it would improve any more or maybe just slight improvement but the indent will still be very clearly visible. I have shown my scar to many dermos and plastic surgeons now on the internet and majority of them suggested Excision. I am not fully sure how much Subcision will be helpful here cause i have checked a few cases on Realself where Subcision didnt do much help to smooth out indented scars on nose tip.
  3. Ammeo

    Thoughts on Dr David Lim?

    He doesnt encourage to do this at home. Not a single dermatologist encourages TCA cross to be done at home anyways. But people do it all the time and these dermos should know that. So they should refrain from spreading such dangerous methods on the internet. Moreover, his method is dangerous in first place.No one pours 100% tca into a scar. I know it now after having experienced that. Btw , my scar has been much better now. Only a small indent is left. Plastic surgeon told me to have an excis
  4. Ammeo

    Thoughts on Dr David Lim?

    Dr Davin Lim has posted Youtube videos where he is using 70-100% TCA to treat ice pick scars via Syringe method instead of using a toothpick. What he does is he pours the TCA into ice pick scars with a syringe and this method is very dangerous for a someone doing it at home. I have personally suffered cause of it after watching his videos. Beware of him. He is spreading very dangerous information to the public.
  5. Day 43 Update Color has very much lightened and the indent also has filled up a lot. I hope it gets further better with time.
  6. Although i can see a little improvement in the indented scar and its not as deep as before but i was thinking to start Microneedling the indented scar with a single diabetic needle very gently (1-1.5 mm deep) to boost collagen production which could raise and fill it up faster. Is this a good idea?
  7. Pics from Day 28. Just updating on my wound. Seems to have lightened a little bit i think.
  8. Thank you guyzz. I went to a plastic surgeon again today. He said the redness is mostly superficial and the wound is not that deep. But he told me the scar is currently going towards Hyper pigmentation. He said it would fade away but i have to give it atleast six months. For the indented scar he said something would be done about it if it doesnt fully fills in on its own in six months. I am already thinking subcision+miconeedling after 6 months for the indented scar but it also depends what the
  9. Pictures from Day 23 The Pigmentation has gone a bit brown and also seems to have lightened a little bit. Is it because it is maturing? I havent seeen much improvement in the indented scar in the past few days. Showed it to a Plastic surgeon,he said if the indented scar doesnt fill in in 6 months then something would be done on it like subcision or microneedling etc. I will be starting medical grade manuka honey on it in around 2 weeks as i have read Manuka Honey has has the ability to promo
  10. Yeah. Beard works as a natural concealer for Acne scars and also takes away the focus from acne scars. I have seen many people with acne scars growing beard to hide them .
  11. I hope so that would be the case. I couldnt find any 100% TCA burn healing progress or time lapse on the internet. I am kind of an Experiment right now.
  12. I also think it may not need any skin graft the way it is healing. I was also told by the dermatologist that it will not need skin graft. If the indented scar doesnt fully fill in i may go the Subcision + Microneedling way cause its the least aggressive approach. As for the pigmentation only time will tell.
  13. Here are the pictures from Day 18. The color has faded a little bit and the indented Scar also seems to have filled in by 40-50% in the last 2 weeks. I am not sure where this wound is heading and it is still giving me scares from time to time. These pictures are taken right after face was washed with a gentle facewash. I have stopped using polymyxin B and currently i am using Vesaline+Natural honey. I will also be starting a Manuka honey massage on it after 2 weeks as this is the expected shi
  14. It will fill overtime but i cant say how much. Indented scars fill in over a course of around 12 months. You will see 90% improvement in the first 6 months. Then the improvement process will become slow.
  15. Ammeo

    Indented Box Scar Nose - What Is The Solution

    Did you see any improvements? I have an indented scar on my nose and i am thinking to go subcision+ microneedling route on it to make it look better. Would love to know how needling went for you.