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  1. If you want anything bad enough you can get it. It's called a walk in clinic haha. Well then maybe you should try a diet change and slowly trying to get off the BP. I know for myself the BP was a huge contributor to oily skin. Do you use any sort of moisturizer in your regimen?
  2. I did a low dose course of Accutane for around 5 - 6 months and it not only completely cleared my skin but I never get oily anymore. I was on 40mg's and I weigh 160 - 165 (depending on time of day) and stand around 6'0. I did several antibiotics all sorts of topicals, diets.. you name it I probably tried it (other than birth control). Now that I have finished I don't even wash with anything other than water and the only topicals I put on my face is a moisturizer with SPF. When I do get the occas
  3. I personally have never even bothered to try ACV after reading reviews. I did try several products and the one I found to be very effective is Vita-K solution. If you go to my profile you can see the topic and look at reviews. Some it worked for others it didn't. Lately all I have been using for my post-accutane marks is Polysporin (Neosporin in the USA) Triple antibiotic ointment. Not only does it help to speed heal the red marks it also helps rebuild any tissue and prevent scars from forming.
  4. Are you considering ACV for redmarks? What kind of problem are you having specifically?
  5. I worked out regularly on Accutane and sure my joints would get stiff but as redsox2380 mentioned just take some Glucosamine Sulfate to help alleviate any joint pain. Be sure to keep really hydrated too, especially if you perspire a lot.
  6. I found whenever I went out on a bender, like a 2/6 + 12 beers over five - six hours, I would break out and the side effects would lessen. Almost as if the alcohol was cleaning the Accutane out of my system or something? If you are going to drink I suggest taking some B Vitamins to help alleviate the hang over effects and be sure to drink as much water as you can before you pass out for the night.
  7. Finished Course! Done, done and done! I have been finished my course for around a month now and thought I would drop back by my log to give people an insight and update. First I want to say that Accutane is so worth the trouble and cost. If I had gone on Accutane years ago I can only imagine the things I would have accomplished. It's amazing how much more enjoyable and easier life is once your skin clears and your not constantly worrying about every little thing and whether it's going to mak
  8. Your GP might be able to help as well if you can't get in with a Derm.
  9. Invest in a Mach 5 and the Gillette super sensitive shaving cream with aloe and vitamin e. I used to have the same problem as you guys before Accutane and I found that be the most effective way. Use a warm towel before you shave or hot water to help increase circulation and to make the hairs softer to cut through. Oh, one more afterthought, always run the blade in steaming hot water before you use it to kill any bacteria that could be lingering from a previous shave (Just be sure to cool it down
  10. -I like to run around 3-4 miles every other day. will this be possible once i start accutane or will i be confined to my couch? No this won't be a problem just be sure to take Glucoasmine Sulfate capsules a couple times a day to alleviate any joint pain. While on my course I would go jogging 4 - 5 times a week around 8 - 10 km's (Don't know what that works out to in miles) and I am fine. If anything I believe it helped reduce the negative feelings associated with Accutane. Exercise is a great
  11. You should check out my topic on red-marks and this product called Vita-K it did wonders for me! Another thing I found while doing my Accutane course was Polysporin (or Neosporin if your in the U.S.A.). You apply it as soon as you have "dealt" with a pimple and apply it every night before bed for a couple of days and it takes the red marks away amazingly fast. Be sure to pick up the triple heal kind instead of the regular.
  12. Maybe try a low dose course to minimize the effects? I was on 40 mgs for around 5 months and I weight 160 - 165 and sure I felt stoned all the time but I still managed to work two jobs, hit the gym and have time for friends. Now that I am done my course and clear I wish I would have gone on it when I was much younger to prevent the few scars I have and all the horrible feelings and thoughts I endured over the years.
  13. Looks like you may have folliculitis vs. conventional acne. Either way I highly recommend Accutane. It is the only thing that has cleared my skin and it's not as though you need a high dose course for results. I weigh 160 - 165 lb and I went on 40 mg for around five months and my skin is clear! Sure it sucks while you are on it and you feel stoned 24/7 but you can't argue with the results. I just updated my gallery this morning but the pictures won't be "cleared" up until tomorrow but I think y
  14. I took Salmon Oil capsules over my Accutane course and it didn't seem to effect me in a negative way. If you are scared of the two interacting perhaps take the pills at opposite ends of the day.
  15. Buy a cute puppie dog and become a regular at a local park. Great way to meet girls