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  1. girl3900

    Clear skin, less blackheads, no dryness or irritation, no initial breakout. I've had moderate acne for years and this is the only product that has ever consistently worked for me. I used to wake up everyday with a new pimple. I cannot remember the last time I brokeout after using this. No initial breakout for me...no dryness, no irritation. I cannot recommend this stuff enough.
  2. I liked this episode..I really didn't think the guy had that bad of acne...I remember when I was in high school, many people had it like his. I hated to see the girl who was trying to model putting on so much makeup. Once I started using less coverup, my skin cleared dramatically. But I know how hard it is to go without.
  3. Why'd you sleep in it? I cringe thinking what that would do to my skin. No matter what foundation you use, if you're sleeping in it and not washing your face, there's a good chance you're going to breakout from all the excess oils. When it comes to Revlon Colorstay, this is the only foundation I will use. Not only is it the only foundation I've found that stays and doesnt morph colors throughout the day, it's the only foundaton that doesn't make me breakout. Excellent coverage, also. Highly rec
  4. I feel the same way as you Girl3900 about makeup. But I think you'll make it. And Good look, maybe without makeup you'll realize you skin is healthier without it.

  5. I always hear such great things about mineral makeup and I wonder if I'm the only one who hasn't had success with them. No matter how much I moisturize, it still looks dry and cakey on me. I'd love to wear it because it doesn't have all the products as liquid foundation but again, it seems impossible to get it to look natural.
  6. Thanks for everyone's replies I'm actually enlisting in the Air Force.
  7. Yeah, I'm really trying hard to see the positive in this and I think it might actually be a blessing in disguise as my skin will probobly benefit a lot and I won't be so dependant on it once I get out...it's just really extremely hard
  8. Basically what the title says...I enlisted in the military and makeup is a no-go. My departure date is coming soon and I'm getting extremely anxious about it. Can you believe I'm more worried about not wearing makeup than getting deployed?! This post must seem very superficial but i've worn makeup 10 years to hide my acne and to be forced to be completely bare-faced for months is terrifying me. I knew this when i joined but it's just starting to sink in. This is a huge fear of mine. Sneaking i
  9. Definetly in the winter as my face get's so dry and irritated...I live in chicago and the winters here are very harsh, to say the least. I think it's a combo of the cold and the fact I have to keep a scarf around my face at all times...it causes lots of irritation. I know the sun isn't good for your skin, but I notice it tones it up a lot and minimizes the pores.
  10. The last time i did that, I broke out super bad. I was forced to do it for about a week though so maybe one night wouldn't hurt. I have really oily skin so sleeping in the makeup just clogged the heck out of it and i had no chance to put on my medicine. I really regret doing that because before, i was nearly clear and had to start all over again. If it's REALLY an issue, i'd at least wash it off then re-apply it...at least youre getting some of the oil off. haha, but i dunno, that's a bit stra
  11. Parents can be a lot more hurtful than strangers. They want you to be the best you can be but sometimes the wording they choose can be harsh and insensitive. I think it's just natural for them to notice the "imperfections" of their children and to try and correct them. My mother has said some of the coldest things to me and insisted she was just trying to help.
  12. I have some of that stuff and it has a slippery, powdery texture to it. Wouldn't your makeup just kind of sit on the surface and slide around?
  13. How exactly can foundation hid ice pick scarring?
  14. I just think it's funny when you hear a guy that isn't blessed in the looks departement, talk about how he's "saving" himself for the perfect woman. I literally have to listen to guys complain everyday about how so and so isn't good looking enough for them when in reality, they'd be lucky to get someone even remotely as attractive as the girls they put down. so comical.
  15. What does a beautician do differently than what you couldn't do at home? I never saw the point in leaving a whitehead because it's just going to break open by itself anyway. If you prick it with a pin, it's not as bad and doesn't really spread bacteria as opposed to popping it with your fingers. Sorry for the graphic detail. I used to let my redmarks dictate everything..they depressed me so much until i got a horrible breakout and realized how blessed i was just to have to deal with marks inste