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  1. That is the exact same for me. You can tell if they are red marks by either: Feeling your face if it is smooth, if it is they are red marks, or shinng light at an angle at your sace in front of a mirror, if you see nothing sticking up they are red marks. Retin-a does not cause red marks, red marks are caused by skin imflamation, retin-a should do nothing if not speed up the super slow red mark healing process.
  2. It has been about seven and a half weeks for me. My skin is completely smooth, so I know that the pimples are pretty much gone. How much longer do you think it will be with retin-a micro for their red marks to dissapear also? THanks!
  3. spencers


    Dude, by my personal experiences, red marks take hella long to fade. There is nothing you can do but wait. Hopefully your acne is slowed way down. If it is, it should not be too much longer, becuase red marks do fade, they just take hella long. A chemical peel is for scars not red marks, they are not the same. If your acne is doing good, then don't get a higher dosage, it's not needed.
  4. I know that retin-a micro works beautifully. It took me like seven weeks before I noticed improvement, but then, BAM! My skin was completely smooth, all it had now were redmarks. It should be another 4 to 5 months befor they are completely gone, but the good thing is that retin-a has no nasty side effects, is a long term solution, and really works. You will see many tiny bumps becuase you are getting like 3 months of acne in 1 month so it will be much worse for a while. Then, like i said, you wi
  5. It should, as it "sloughs" off your skin faster. NO matter what though, it does help acne big time!
  6. RETIN-A FREAKIN ROCKS! I swear it will clear you. First you will have the inital breakouts for a long time, as it is giving you all of the pimples you would have had in like 3months in one month. Then your skin will start to feel smooth, very smooth! Finally your red marks will dissapear after like 6 long months. After that you don't stop taking retin a, you continue until you are an adult, and your acne is gone forever!
  7. I take retin-a micro and duac topical gel and it has made a world of a difference. It has only been 7 weeks but now I have completely smooth skin and just red spots. I figure it will be another 2-3 months before I am completely clear. It should do the same for you. Don't give up on retin-a becuase it will make you look bad for like the first month and a half, then you will feel smooth, and then you will look clear!