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  1. why did you change your mind? I have seen a few before and after pictures and the results were good.
  2. Does anyone know which doctor offer silicone injections for acne scars in Los Angeles or southern California?
  3. Hi Bulgarian R. Dermatologist Does Autologous Blood Injection give better result than subcision? Besides using an LED therapy, should I also use an ultrasound to stimulate collage after an Autologous Blood Injection or subcision procedure?
  4. could i use a 2Mhz ultrasound massager on the skin after subcision? would ultrasound therapy inhibit or promote collagen after subcision? some websites said ultrasound could breakup scar tissue and also promotes collagen but only on normal skin.
  5. hi lamarr1986 does green led have any benefit on the skin? some websites state that green leds will lighten up hyperpigmentation.
  6. does anyone have a PDF file of "Topically applied tretinoin may benefit atrophic and hypertrophic scars" from Dermatology Nursing published in 2001? Judit Nyirady, MD, director of medical affairs for Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products World Wide. thanks
  7. am i suppose to use the toothpick tips to create multiple spots within each scar or use a dull tip to fill the entire scar? in the original korean study, doctors only use the tips even for rolling and boxscars, but in the new study doctocs fill the entire scar with tca acid. dr. lam on youtube also fill the entire scar with tca acid. doesn't fill an entire scar with tca acid cause more downtime than with just a couple small spots? does using 50% tca acid just as effective as 100% tca acid?
  8. does anyone have this new TCA Cross file? here is part of it: Histologic Study of Depressed Acne Scars Treated with Serial High-Concentration (95%) Trichloroacetic Acid ANTHONY YUG, MD * , JOSHUA E. LANE, MD * , MICHAEL S. HOWARD, MD †, AND DAVID E. KENT, MD †* Division of Dermatology, Department of Internal Medicine, Mercer University School of Medicine, Macon, Georgia; †Georgia Dermatopathology Associates, Atlanta, Georgia Address correspondence and reprint requests to: David E
  9. Bulgarian R. Dermatologist, where can we buy the DMSO-70% and 2-5% Lugol's iodine? are we supposed to apply these daily or once a month?
  10. Hi Bulgarian R. Dermatologist, what are your opinions regarding dermaroller and TCA Cross? which treatment is more effective for boxscars and rolling scars?
  11. the skin texture is worse than before. and i get a couple of new big pores in it, they are also very noticeable along with the redness and the bad skin texture. it's a county clinic. fortunately, i only done a small area. east asian and south east asian skins should avoid this treatment.
  12. how do you guys draw your own blood on the veins of your arm? it's hard to draw your own blood with just with hand. is it possible to extract blood from another different part of the body, like a thigh?
  13. i got the dermabrasion done for free at a government clinic by a student medical doctor. maybe that's why i had poor results. she was really aggressive on treating them. she went over the scars many times until it was flat with the surrounding skin. it took me couple weeks to completely healed. the hypertrophic scars came back but only about one third of the height of the original scars. it's over 4 months and the redness is still very prominent, i'm worried it could be permanent.