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  1. i've been on accutane for a little over 2 months now and I've been spot treating with Retin A. I use a *tiny* amount. It helps knock out pimples in a day. It's slightly drier than the rest of my face (that I didn't apply Retin A to) but it's nothing that Cetaphil lotion can't take care of.
  2. Thanks for those views.. I was curious and always considered the role of Westernization to do with it, but never could put it in the right words, nicely said.. so Thanks!
  3. what do you think of asians who dye their hair blonde?
  4. haha thanks for sharing your experience-- I also take Adderall when I need a little boost. I had a friend who dropped ecstasy and took Adderall (I don't know how many mg) and he got really, really messed up. So don't mix those two! ) Just sayin'
  5. oh no, does that mean acne is devastating more lives???
  6. One of the derms I visited told me the reason they *rarely* prescribe Accutane is because of the major side effects-- they want to use every other method possible to try and control the acne before they even think to consider Acutane... They think the product is too intense (and it is). Therefore, the patient's acne has to be pretty severe to get it prescribed (at least in my case). The derm also takes in consideration if the patient is starting to scar... The derms want to try see the effects o
  7. I agree-- being persistent and changing doctors will eventually get you Accutane!
  8. Go to different dermatologist and say that you've been on antibiotics and retin A for 5 or 6 months and haven't seen a difference! A little lie never hurt.. Worked for me ) I actually said that I've been on it for 3 months and almost didn't get Accutane prescribed because the new derm said that it wasn't long enough to see results from the antibiotics/retin A, so my advice is to exaggerate the time as much as you can!
  9. I have a similar situation-- I told my derm that I was prescribed Duac by another doctor but didn't get it because it was $70. She implied that I made a good decision and prescribed me Retin-A. So... I guess it's not worth it.
  10. I also used Proactive without positive results... I was prescribed Doxy by a doctor and said that my acne might get worse before it gets better... I broke out hardcore the first days I started taking the antibiotics as well. It was horrible!! I went to a dermatologists and told her that I was on Doxy and then she prescribed me Clindamycin (generic for Cleocin). She said it is a stronger antibiotic. Maybe you can mention this to your derm? I also told her that my previous doctor prescribed me D
  11. So I have a derm appointment tomorrow and I want to start Accutane ASAP! I'm going to to tell them that I have tried antibiotics blah blah and when they (hopefully!) decide to prescribe it to me, I'm going to tell them that I DON'T want to go on any birth control (it's what triggered my acne in the first place, yeah.. I'm one of those rare cases. And it was ZOVIA, if anyone is curious). I read a page on the iPledge site (https://www.ipledgeprogram.com/Documents/10617_Intro%20Brochure_Mv5.pdf, pa