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  1. Hey Guys. First of all, I was wondering after you finished how long did you expereince side effects, especially sensitivity to sun? For me accutane was a good expereince. I had no major side effects and the results are great. It is different for everyone though. Lots of people post bad stuff, and I'm sure some of it was accutane relevant. But that is the choice we all make when we decide to go on it, if your acne is bad enough or even if YOU think it is bad enough to put up with the common side
  2. Hey guys, Ive been on accutate for 5ish months with another monthish to go. I had mild acne and it seems to have cleared, now i just battle with flushing, and blotchy skin. Up to this point I have been fine wiht the drug and am really happy with it, but lately I feel really drained I don't know if its the drug or not. Thats besides the point anywyas I have a couple questions. -After accutane, how long did your skin remain sensitive to sunlight? -How long before dryness and flushing is gone? -I
  3. Hello, So I am exactly one month into accutane, and have been breaking out the whole time. Nothing major really, just has been continuous. When was everyone's first visible signs of improvement?
  4. Hi, I got really red as early as day 5 if i remember right. So i would say you don't have too much to worry about.
  5. I really don't know, but i have heard it both ways. That it potentially helps because it cleans our the pores, or that it makes it worse. I realize that this is goign to help none at all, but I am posting it anyways.....
  6. What are your guys experiences with accutane and mild acne? I am one week into it and I've had a couple monster whiteheads but no big breakouts, not really any improvement though. Any thoughts as to when I can expect some improvement, my face is also super oiley, perhaps worse than before, has anyone else experienced this? Thanks!
  7. Thank you, its good to here optimistic responses. When did yours show signs of improvement?