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  1. Well I have not had much luck in finding out an exact amount of spf to mix into the DK moisturizer. If anyone can find out let me know!
  2. I'm so tired of the time it takes me to put on even compact minerals, let alone the loose kind or liquid foundation, which I have also tried. Has anyone used stick foundations, and if so how are they? I'm looking into Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, and Benefit,who all carry stick forms. If I end up getting minerals again, I saw that Au Courant & Clientele mineral powders got rave reviews on Makeupalley.com and I've tried Bare, Glo, Jane Iredele, and hate them all. Anyone know about them?
  3. As a very fair skinned person, I used to tan in beds (I know, I know :/ ) and never used sunscreen at all. I recently had one aunt pass away from skin melanoma and another relative discover he had the same thing. Ironically I recently was at a medical spa for a consultation about laser rejuv. and they used this new thing (I think it's called Visage or something?) that was like a cat-scan for my skin - it showed areas of bacteria, acne, wrinkles, pores and sun damage - that was the scariest part!