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  1. well.... its been about a year since ive been on these message boards. and within good reason. i thought id come back on and share what seems to be working for me. over the past year ive been on and off with dans regimen but ive always come across too many irritating problems with it and finally gave up on it. i started using just a simple face wash. that was alrite for awhile but i got to dry. so for the past 6 months or so ive done absolutley nothing. thats right. the thing that is working for
  2. well the bp came today and ill let you no how it works after a weeks break.
  3. why hello fellow acne sufferers, today is officialy day 7 without bp(still in the mail) and call me crazy but i think my skin maybe becoming smidgen clearer, still looks like crap though. is there a daywhere i dont say that? haha. anyway i came to the conclusion that nobody really gives a crap about your acne other than your overly self concious self.
  4. yea im going to try and stick to the regimen for a couple of months un fortunatley ive had this week long break without bp and finally got the email saying its been shipped today.... too bad your face can turn to shit so quickly.
  5. well today is day 5 without the regimen and my face looks like absolute crap and cant wait till the bp gets here. today i had two pimples form on my chin, they were soon gone. i realised how bad my red marks are and am getting pissed off with them. im sure red marks are just poppin up for the fun of it because i dont even remember havin pimples in some of the places... any way this morning i tried a aspirin mask to see what the deal was and nearly chucked from the smell of it.... sooo tonight i
  6. Well a little back story... ive had proper bad face acne since about december last year and wasnt really doing anything about it because to be honest i wasnt the bothered. finally realised my acne was outa control and i looked disgusting so went to the doctors and he put me on a three month course of doxycycline tablets. this kind of cleared my chest/back acne but that soon returned. i started using tea tree oil wash and an astringent on my face twice a day, and to my surprise it actually clear
  7. hmmm to make matters worse it seems you stupid americans(no offence) celebrate thanks giving..... so now i aintt guna get anything till like thursday n i already look like crap n my face hurts like how from the amount of new pimples coming through.
  8. only 2-3 mins? you should be thankful.... it takes me 5 mins minimum.
  9. not that i know of. yea il gues il have to hang in there. i thought i had started to clear after 4 weeks of been on the regimen and its only been a day without it and im breaking out everywhere. kind of a shame after been so patient and consistent...... oh wel.
  10. k ive ran out of bp and cant order any until tomoro but still then it wont be here til atleast monday. so does anybody know what to do?? any alternatives?? will i be sweet with just the cleanser and moistriser tiill then???
  11. Any One Use Dettol On there Face? if so is it effective? or is it just irritating?
  12. sorry just read other threads and found that the alcohol contained in astringents are irritating. so should have read them before i posted haha.
  13. a question for anybody with the experience: is it safe to use an astringent with the regimen? i mean like will it affect the bp or the effectiveness of it or anything??
  14. oh no not the bp sorry. i use two layers of the moistirizer.