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  1. I think it's more that it's absorbing into the sponge fast, not your skin. Try using a brush. It feels weird the first few times but just use your finger to put a dot on your cheeks, forehead, chin and then blend with a brush. This equals perfection.
  2. Yeah I bought Lash Blast but the formula is too thick for me and Covergirl is distributed by Proctoer & Gamble who are infamous for animal testing
  3. is the reason you don't want to take off your makeup when staying overnight with someone because of acne? Because I used to be the same way because my acne was horrible but I started the regimen from this site and it worked so great
  4. Yeah the difference between the sonic toothbrush is like night and day... I'm on the DKR which is all about not irritating your skin so I dunno if this brush would be bad. The DKR has worked wonders for me so I'm scared to mess that up
  5. So I'm engaged and getting married soon. I'm thinking about having my bikini area waxed or even a "sphinx" wax which I guess means they remove ALL hair in that area, behind that area, etc. Have any of you gals had this done? I have a pretty high tolerance for pain but if it's like unbearable than I don't want to pay $65 to have it done. Another thing I was wondering is if you got the whole ingrown hairs/razor bump type of thing with a waxing? That's why I HATE shaving. Let me know any tips, comm
  6. I just recently ran out of my Bare Minerals and I've seriously considered switching to EM since it's so popular on this site. I was just wondering what the exact differences are between the two? Like what did you notice about how it felt differently on your skin or how it wore throughout the day? I ordered samples from EM last week but they haven't arrived
  7. Well, I ordered my own bottle so I'll probably touch up my face between salon tans once that comes. The website said some people touch up their face by applying the tanner with a makeup sponge, which also helps for an even coverage. So I'll probably try that. I'm not gonna waste a salon tan on just my face because it's like $20 each visit :shifty:
  8. It's made by St. Tropez and it's just called bronzing mist spray. It has an olive base to it so it doesn't look orange, it turned out awesome.
  9. Well I promised I would give feedback as to my self tanning experience while on DKR. I went to a salon for a spray tan and it turned out BEAUTIFUL! I snuck into the cupboard to see what tanning product they use and I ordered some for myself online cause I like the color so much. My face did lighten up much faster than the rest of me. I'm not sure if that's caused by the BP gel or just the fact that I wash the face on my skin at least twice as often as the rest of me LOL. But I didn't get any