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  1. I've never had issues with whey protein causing break outs for me so I'm going to keep it in. I'll be using water to mix it with. It's nasty but I've done it that way for forever.
  2. I haven't posted on this board in quite some time. Long story short. I have facial redness and acne. I've thought for the longest time I had Rosacea, but I think I've just screwed myself over with using product after product to try and get rid of the redness (Eucerin, Aveeno, Vit E, Coconut Oil, CeraVe, Cetaphil, etc, etc) plus all the acne products you could think of (accutane included). I recently watched the documentary called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead which basically discusses the i
  3. Hey so a little background on me. I used to never ever wash my face. During my freshman year of high school, I started to get the occasional pimple, and started using acne wash and such, kind of randomly. I never stuck to a "wash twice per day regimen" because i didn't need to. Eventually, I started doing that, and the acne got worse. However, I understand that as a 14/15 year old, this is quite normal. So i went to the derm and got put on minocycline and benzaclin, and that seemed to clear it
  4. Anyone used flaxseed oil to help heal facial redness/rosacea?
  5. Hey guys, I've been off accutane for four months and while acne has not come back (knock on wood), the facial redness is still very prominent. I'm so freaking sick of it. I had it before Accutane and both derms said it would fade afterwards and it's still here. I've been using the Eucerin Redness Relief system for a little over a month now and I think it's helped a little but nowhere near enough. My question is, am I safe to apply metrogel at night? Or is it too soon to be using a prescription
  6. I'm wondering this as well (see post about differin). My derm gave me a TON of samples of Differin 0.1% cream to use. Since I'm waiting on all of my facial redness to start fading, I didn't think it would be good to start a topical so soon, seeing as I just came off the medicine on July 12th.
  7. What type of home remedies? I'm thinking of waiting about a month or so before I start using the Differin. I'd hate to start now... and have it irritate the redness (making it stick around longer).
  8. Just finished my accutane course on the 12th. I was on it for 5 months, starting with 40 mg per day, then 80 for the last four months. I am now waiting for my redness to fade, but my derm gave me some Differin cream 0.1% samples that apparently will help? He said to apply at night. This doesn't seem like a safe idea to me, especially with waiting for redness to fade. Any thoughts?
  9. Definite improvement man. Your redness continues to decrease. I think I'm about on Day 100 and am already enjoying acne free skin.. its so flippin smooth. Just waiting for the redness to fade.
  10. Tommy, I looked through the above mentioned log and she said that she applied olive oil directly to her skin, as well as mixing olive oil into her moisturizer. I'm with you man. I hate this redness. I'm hoping that maybe after this month, my dose will go down and maybe help with the redness a little. I was looking at my prom pictures and I can't stand to look at a lot of them because of how red my skin is. Its pretty disheartening.
  11. I'm currently a little over half way through my third month on Accutane. The number of break outs I get has dropped a ton, but I still have crazy facial redness. When can I expect it to subside and/or what can I do to help it?
  12. Hey Tommy, You're looking good man! Congrats on making it this far. I wanna know what you've been doing to help with the redness you've been experiencing.
  13. Day 31 Oh the difficulties and annoyances of Accutane. Pharmacy says you need to have a written prescription to get the medication, even though the derm on monday said the new policy was that they faxed the prescriptions. Oh well. Then the pharmacy doesn't even have enough to fill the prescription because it's on back order. Seriously annoying. So i have some of the medicine but will have to return to pick up the rest. It will all be worth it though! Today is the first day of 80 mg and I will