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  1. Ok goon get the fuck back here

  2. Yeah you asshole, get some pics up.

  3. Wahey, it's Jay!

    What's the craic man.

  4. Ha, wondered who you were then. It's fucking Geordie!!!!! Fuck yeah, here again to save the motherfucking day yeah. Geordie, fuck yeah!

  5. LOL i suspected bezerker was you

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  7. hey, avnt seen u on here 4 Ages :)

  8. Katie you big mouth ho. She is going to work commando today ppl.

  9. Shit, haha. Aye it's better. pun intended.

  10. How is your girlfriends eye? Katie tells me you shoved your cock in it....

  11. What's the craic, slut.