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  1. Eboni

    BFG's Regimen

    My progress on BFG's Oxy Reg
  2. If the garlic works as an antibacterial and an antifungal why not use creams? I've recently been putting antibacterial gel and antifungal cream (the stuff you buy for atheletes foot and ring worm) on my face everynight and one of the cysts was gone in a few days and the other is still shrinking.
  3. I use H&S too and had drastic results. I'm completely clear on my back and 85% of my scars have completely faded. I still have red marks on my back but I'm sure with time they will also be gone. My Before & After: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v428/Elb...1368/Image1.png
  4. Oh no oh no I think I have a cyst on my face. I'm so upset, I'm literally panicking after seeing how bad cystic acne can get. Four days ago there was just a harmless pimple that I didn't even TOUCH and now I have this huge hard red spot on the side of my face! I've restrained myself from touching it but it gets worse! A month ago this side of my face was completely clear! I've never had anything like this. I am really panicking here! How do I get rid of it before it gets worse!? PLEASE! I just
  5. Umm. I've got probably 10 active pimples at a time. Most of the time they are small and then I have 2-4 big noticeable ones that take forever to go away. I hate my life.
  6. Putting antibiotic cream on open wounds from picking or scarring makes them heal very quickly without risking infection. After you wash your face use a Q-tip and run it under hot water and then dip it in soap to dap at the area. Then put some of the antibiotic cream on and keep it on overnight. If you think it will get all over your pillow/sheets, put a bandaid over it.
  7. Yes I pick, and I can't stop! If I don't pick I look twice as bad at work with all the makeup covering it. It's so so awful. Lately I've just been using St. Ives Apricot scrub in the past two weeks and taking massive amounts of Zinc and Copper to speed up the healing process. So far it does heal wounds faster but it doesn't get rid of new acne. I used Proactiv in October and it was starting to work but after a week and a half my skin became SO DRY that I had to stop to look presentable for wor
  8. http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y17/Vaninyo/IMG_9226.jpg http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y17/Vaninyo/IMG_9236.jpg Posted pictures a different way since it's taking too long to approve.
  9. Eboni

    My Acne

    What it's like
  10. I honestly don't know acne terminology. I don't know the difference between a cyst or a nodule or a papule. There are certain requirements that I'm not sure I meet but if this isn't considered severe acne then my grandmother is a goat. I've never been to a derm. I have no health insurance (my dad does but I'm not covered in his). I'm 19 and I told my mom I want to visit a derm as my Christmas gift. She keeps telling me it's my diet and that I need to keep taking zinc & copper and all the
  11. I can't stand it anymore. I HAVE to visit a dermatologist without insurance. I can't wait for my worsening acne to get better. I cry myself to sleep all the time. I can't look in the mirror or look people in the face. It's too much and I can't take it: So I'm going to schedule an appontment with the dermatologist... I don't care what it costs. Any amount of money is worth having clear skin right now. To get the the point, could someone explain to me how a consultation at the derm goes? I'm ass
  12. I used Head and Shoulders on my face. My face was cracked and bleeding for days and I had to call off work. Also I pop all of my pimples, everyday. Causing redness and scaring. Incredibly stupid but they hurt so much if I don't pop them you know?
  13. I NEED to go to a Dermatologist. It never was bad enough before but now it's severe. My acne on my face is severe. I had a nervous breakdown tonight and I can't take it anymore. How much is accutane if you don't have health insurance? I work a part-time job - no health insurance provided. My parent's health insurance doesn't cover me now that I am 19. I can't take it anymore. I need help for my ance. I can't stand it anymore. My skin just gets worse and worse. I used proactiv last month and i