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  1. How do I get rid of this kind of acne? I hate it. I can never put up my bangs because of these stupid bump like acne things on my forehead and also along my cheeks and nose area. These pictures are WITH makeup too... ughh Im so frustrated. what can I do?
  2. I know I shouldnt be, But I keep skipping days when im supposed to be taking my tetryciline pills. I apply retina everyday, but I know that if I took my pills every day my skin would probably be alot better. What exactly does retina plus an antibiotic do to your skin? Is it very effective instead of using just retina? thanks
  3. Eat fish :] Or I heard there were fish pills? I heard those help.
  4. I'll join you. My red marks are driving me crazy..they've remained on my face for a few months now and its killing me to have to wear makeup everyday to cover them.. My routine is.. Morning - RX Facial cleanser Aveeno Correction cream Cetaphil Moisterizer Afternoon (after school) I need to clean all dirt and makeup from my oily face -____- So I use Cetaphil Face cleanser Evening - I use Benzoyl peroxide wash 5% followed by retina micro 1%. gah I hope these damn red spots on my face disappe
  5. The derm doctor, told me to take one pill in the mornin and one at night..but.. when she left, the assistant person told me that If I take 2 at the same time my acne will go away faster.. so back then I took 4 pills a day because I wanted my acne to go away faster. I was young so I didnt really understand much then, but now I know how bad it can be espesially for a 13 yr old! I would get frequent headaches, dizziness, blurry eyes, and I almost passed out back then. but my skin did clear alot,
  6. why are you taking 4 pills a day? I think the correct amount should be about 2 pills a day. morning & night.
  7. you should try tetrocyline antibiotic. It cleared my skin alott w/ my retin-a.
  8. ^ eating it with food causes it to absorb the antibiotic? Which probably wont give u full results.
  9. ^ Its expected of redness to occur during retin-a.. wait a few weeks and it should start to fade away.
  10. ^ ah thanks! I was wondering why it didnt have it in any websites. =) I will definetly try the retin-a micro.
  11. My derm gave me a BP facewash 5% to use at night then after told me to apply the retina.. it cleared my skin well.
  12. okay I remember using retin-a and noticing how clear and scarfree my skin looked after. But a year later I want to get another presription for it but problem is I forgot what kind of retin-a it was. it was a GEL retin-a. It wasnt retin-a MICRO. It came in a green & white tube. Im not sure but i think the percent was .5? or maybe 5.0? argh dont remember. does anyone know what im talking about.. and if not, could retina micro work the same? thx
  13. So would it be a crazy thing to do if I mixed a face cleanser w/ Dans BP? Lol bcus wouldnt it turn into a BP face wash? I dunno.. has anyone tried?
  14. Im 16 . But 6th - 8th I suffered from acne until my mom took me to a dermotologist who helped clear my skin quite a bit. She had me on (tetrycylone, Retin-a, and prasciaon facial cleanser) But two years later now that I've run out of them. My skin started breaking out BADLY again. And since my parents dont have insurance so we really cant affort the derm right now, I came across this site to try the regimen.. I've been doing it for 3 weeks now and its making my skin AGE (making me look 20).. ch