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  1. I have the same problem. My moms house has hard water and everytime i shower there and maybe come home for the weekend i always end up with breakouts and it takes me a month or so to get my skin back to where it was. I never go home anymore for that reason lol. At my uni the water is hard and my skin always gets better showering here.
  2. You had such minimal acne i mean id LOVE to have skin even 1/2 as good as that. I think a lot of people get too worried over their very minimal acne and end up making it worse through excess treatment.
  3. Ive had acne for about 9 years now started when i was 13 been stuck with it up until now and im 22. I know i should see a derm but i dont even have health insurance and my family is dirt poor and i can not afford it so that goes out the window. I had sever cystic acne for a period of about 4 years and it ruined my face from about age 15-19. I do have a decent amount of scarring from the cysts and i know they will never go away and for the past 2 years ive been using proactiv. It actually wor
  4. I wouldnt call acne trivial :( it sucks horribly and has hurt all of our lives. I know how you feel though. Last summer i went to china with my family and it was horrible having to see myself in every pic with my face blown up. Im really more worried about being prescribed the normal topical stuff and antibiotics only to realize that my face is going to end up becoming worse. Finaly after 8 years my face at least doesnt look near as horirble as it once did in HS. Id hate to see it revert ba
  5. if you go to his site theres a few ppl who say its successful. This regiment seems so odd, but then again im so desperate worst case scenario it just wont work like other regs.
  6. Im in the same situation as you clapyourhands09. I have never had any insurance but its not the derm visits that are going to kill your wallet its the prescriptions that you are going to have to buy. Without insurance that will cover non generic drugs youre going to end up paying out the ass for the pills/ topical things you will be prescribed. The only time i did go to a derm the visit itself was only about 60 bucks w/o insurance but when i went to get the antibiotics and topical meds he pre
  7. Hey all I just had a few questions really about youre experiences with going to derms or what maybe I should be asking them. Before i go into detail ill give a breif summary of my acne. It started when i was 14 the summer before i was to enter freshmen year of high school. I started out with just a few whiteheads nothing major so i really didnt pay attention to it at all. My acne stayed very mild for the next year until i was almost 16. Once I hit 16 i have no idea what happened but it just
  8. IT IS AWKWARD. My g/f always complains how i take 45mins-1hr to get ready each day in the shower and have to do it 2 times a day. Its impossible for anyone who has not suffered from bad acne to ever realize what we are going through. I try to explain to her if i dont do this my face looks a thousand times worse then now but she just cant get it. As for me ive been with my g/f for the past 4 years and for reasons i cant really understand at all and probably never will she doesnt care about m
  9. wow 33 years. Sadly that seems like a path i may be on. But its nice to see your upbeat attitude about it ^^. I try to keep a positive tone but its hard somedays when you see tons of cysts on your face knowing that youre an adult now but still kids who are 16 have flawless skin while yours has been scarred for life
  10. I feel for you all but at least reading that im not the only one does kinda make me feel better. My acne started when i was 14 and now im turning 22 next month. It started out as almost nothing just a few zits here and there so i ignored it. That was probably one of the worst mistakes i made. By the time i hit 16 i had severe acne cysts and all. Over time it has calmed down a small amount but its still pretty bad. Not to mention besides the cysts and other lesions i have a decent amount o