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  1. Always exciting to start a new regimen! Any itching from the azelex? Yes. My skin always itches though. Ill be fine. I just put on my moisturizing cream. I think Im gonna go back to using CeraVe I hope this works for you MOlly, but I just wanted to mention that I think you should change your makeup to a mineral makeup like Bare Escentuals. IF you get a Kabuki brush it covers very well and wont clog your pores and cake on like the Colorstay makeup you are using. I think it'll help.
  2. FYI: just to add, I know it's a controversy over the whole depression and Accutane thing, but still its prevalent. See below as I'm really worried about you. FDA officials have advised that dermatologists and others prescribing Accutane to “inform patients prescribed isotretinoin (and parents, if appropriate) of the possibility of development or worsening of depression. They should advise patients (and parents) to immediately report mood swings and symptoms suggestive of depression (such a
  3. Am I the only one worried that you are on Accutane and don't feal like eating? Loss of appettite is often associated with depression. If you are fealing down lately you should speak to your doctor about your change in mood as this could be a very big concern for someone of Accutane. I hope all is well and you feal better. Furthermore, especially on such a strong drug as Accutante you should be eating healthily to be sure you have your strength and proper nutrition. Skipping breakfast and
  4. I jsut want to say that I think I figured out what works on my backne and hope it works on yours as well. I shower regularly with just some deodorant soap. Nothing special. 1. after I get out of the shower in the morning I spray my back with MURAD clarifying body spray (its expensive but covers your whole back and you can reach everywhere with it) 2. At night before going to bed, I cover my back in BP. This way, I can just ruin ugly t-shirts I sleep in and not my day clothes. Apply ge
  5. This isnt the same tea you were describing as it isnt in chinese, but I have found that it helps (but I also think green tea really helps too so i could be wrong, but worth a try). I have to warn you all though that it doesnt taste too bad, but I dont like it either. I just suffer through a cup or two a day. It's by FLORA and it's called "Clear Complexion" It wasnt expensive, I think about $3.00 for a box of twenty bags. I bought this online from www.luckyvitamin.com Good luck all, and I
  6. Thought I'd start a log for all adult female acne sufferers. I know alot of people say that adult female acne is all hormonal and therefore follows different rules than those for others. However, after three weeks on the DK regimen, I can honestly say that I really think this works (but you have to manage the dry skin). I have modified the regimen and do take supplements that I know have been working for hte last couple of years so these are listed as well. (because any help is good help) I