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  1. hey jc, can u help me order? i will send u WU payment + shipping. thx
  2. hi, i think we don't have on the spot over here, but i will look around. yeah we got a lot of papaya soap, lol. but i don't think my face likes it. but i've been noticing ..it does like cethaphil and netrogena moisturizer, it doesn't itch...so just the bp gel now..
  3. I'm 27 year old female from the philippines. I have cystic acne since 14. I'm depressed and don't go out much. I'm single and unhappy about what my face have become. I'm an acne sufferer. I would like to buy dan's bp gel but i don't have paypal. And i can see that dan can't shipped to my country. I can pay by western union if that is possible, and i will pay for the shipping. If anyone can help me order by paypal, and i pay the one who will help me buy via western union, or if dan would li