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  1. Just curious.. I was thinking of doing microneedling and tca peel for my shallow scars, what is the difference between microneedling or needling to poke at the scars from different angles?
  2. It does look nice but there is a lighting difference and she seems to be wearing makeup in the 2nd photo.
  3. No problem, that's good to hear about your hygiene. I was never good at that until recently. Yeh, I use my cleanser day and night and whenever I need to wash up. During and after accutane I had really dry skin so I used moisturizer day and night as well. I use the regular aveeno daily moisturizer for my body and face at night and I use the SPF 15 one on my face only when I'm out and about. I don't think it matters which one you use but I like aveeno spf 15 since it doesn't make my face look gr
  4. Oh interesting I have those scars, you ever got your face bashed into a rock during a fight at a beach party?
  5. Hey, it's interesting because I was on accutane at 16-17 years old and I also have the exact same type of scars in the exact same areas of the face. I've searched for all the right treatments and along the way finding out what works and what doesn't work (which is A LOT of bs/useless treatments) Knowing what I know now.... First, keep good hygiene, clean pillows, clean towels, use room temperature water and cold water when washing. What I would do for a daily skin routine is: - Use a daily
  6. If it was me.. I would do TCA peels and TCA spot treatments at home. I know nothing about sculptra but if the doctor is actually competent in subcision and puts in the effort to hit all the scars, I would skip the sculptra and go with using a venom suction to suction the scars right after the subcision treatments.
  7. Would TCA spot treatment work for these scars OP showed @beautifulambition
  8. Do you believe the success of OP's scars was due to the needling?