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  1. I do spot treat...i probably would not if i was really dry, but i have not been
  2. I know I have not posted in a while... Finals are hell. Anywho, I am on day 37, and well, it feels like it has been longer lol. My acne is clearing quite a lot, but there are STILL some stubborn lumps on my cheeks that feel like they will never go away. My forehead is clear, and so is my chin...just those dang small lumps on my cheeks!. I noticed some ice-pick scars...this made me really really sad but oh well, no sense in being upset over it, it does not change anything. Other than that I
  3. Hey! I'm glad you are doing well with accutane! I am only on day 26, but my symptoms sound a lot like yours at that time. Good luck! I hope everything continues to go really well for you!
  4. Day 21. Today was pretty much like yesterday and the day before. I am slightly dry and slightly itchy on my face, and the big spots on my cheeks are still going away (YAY!!) I have quite a few very little spots all over the right side of my face that started a couple of days ago, but this is hormonal so hopefully it goes away with my cycle. I am less oily/shiny which I really like, and the dryness is not all that bad...just a very light layer of cetaphil moisturizer and I am good to go as fa
  5. I can't believe it is already day 19...which is a really good thing considering that I want this to go a quickly as possible! Well, I am MUCH less oily than I was, I hardly get shiny at all during the day. My hair is notably drier, but it does not bother me too much and I have a good conditioner. My skin on my body is not a problem, but I do moisturize two times a day to avoid dry itchy skin (I am used to doing this in the winter anyway). My face...well...I am not sure. I love not being shi
  6. cityofangels: Thanks for the response, I agree with you...its just hard to see that dry dead skin there and not do anything about it lol Well it is now day 12 and no real change. I wish the ones on my cheeks would hurry up and just die already! I know I am getting impatient...I just want those specific ones to heal because I am concerned about possible scarring once they are gone and I want to know once and for all. Lips feel better...switched to aveeno intense relief medicated therapy for l
  7. Day 11. Same as yesterday, but flaking spots on skin! I can see the cracks in the dry skin when I smile. Does anyone know what the story is with mild exfoliation on accutane? I have dry flaking skin and am I allowed to do anything about the flakes?
  8. I really do not know because as a female I had to do the pregnancy test etc. But really the derm has to ORDER the blood test or you wont get it. you cant just walk into a hospital and ask for a blood test 1) because you dont know what the derm wants to test for (hence the order that he/she will write for you) 2)the hospital will not do a blood test without the doctor's order.
  9. I have heard conflicting things about the effect on scars. I know it makes "pseudo" scars go away (the red marks left behind that I seem to have an abundance of) but the little pit scars sadly are not effected I believe; that is why so many people wait a couple months after and do microdermabrasion. I think though that overall the skin tone is improved by the medicine so perhaps it will be less noticable! We shall hope together on that as well as the lack of IB!
  10. No, you could just get your blood work done in a hospital. A derm needs to prescribe the accutane
  11. Depending on where you go only about a day (hospitals will have the results AT LEAST by the next day)
  12. Good luck! My insurance leaves me with a $100 copay as well! Is that not crazy! I hope all goes well!
  13. Day 10! Well...still dry and scabby/flakey in the spots with the most acne, but i figure this is a good thing...all that junk is drying out! Hopefully soon it will flatten back to the way my skin USED to be! I have little spots coming up here and there...not big...not really a big deal to me right now as I just want the really obvious concentrated areas to clear. I seem to be getting more spots on my forehead (which was relatively clear before accutane) but they are small and as I said i am
  14. If she registers you with iPledge THAT day and you get your ipledge packet AND you get prescribed birth control that day it should be thirty days. There is a thirty day wait period with ipledge when you HAVE to be on birth control and HAVE to have two negative pregnancy tests even if you have never had sex. I would see if I could go ahead and set up a GYN appt. to get birth control for that day to speed the process (if you are not already on it). Ask her to take the first pregnancy test in of
  15. I love aveeno lip products if that means anything...my lips are feeling kinda sticky and wierd, but man are they soft! Glad to hear things are going ok!