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  1. Yes i take whey protein after every workout and sometimes in the morning. Dont think its the case if it is then that sucks cuz i get 60% of my protein from em haha
  2. Ive been through Head and shoulders, nizoral, selsun blue. Nothing seemed to work. I have some raised scars i think their keloids not exactly sure but their pretty nasty. They arent shrinking and they been on me for quite a while. Im not just using gold bonds powder cuz i sweat alot(working out/breakdancing etc.) And i use AHA at night only. Can someone give me an input on how to reduce scars or get rid of them them for good? All help is appreciated.
  3. Ceejay671


    My back over an amount of time
  4. Ceejay671


    5 Months on the regimen and my face is clear. Only thing left is scars.
  5. Heres what the ladies enjoy smelling. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Hugo Boss Energise Lacoste Essential Lacoste Red Style In Play The colognes i mentioned last pretty long so u dont have to spray alot and i have been complimented alot with these colognes. No more than 2-3 sprays. Girls hate when u have too much cologne on. It will turn them off.