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  1. Calavera i have the same one as you, and yeh it leaves me with dry skin too, especially around the mouth
  2. thanks for that i dont suppose you know a website with pictures of the types of scars because i do have scarring but not too sure which kinds Thank you
  3. hey not sure where to buy em from, but i was wondering what do chemical peels do? do they reduce scars if so what type of scars. Thanks
  4. cleared me up, came off it, acne came back, when back on it, nothing happened, now on the regime.
  5. Hey i was just wondering is there a website with pictures showing types of scars? because i have acne scarring but im not sure which type i have. Thank you
  6. Hey thats really interesting, i wouldnt mind being a test dummy on that guys gel. We could also be immune to cancer hurrah
  7. hey dairy foods like cows milk, cheese, yoghurt increase oil. B5 decreases oil B)
  8. Hey great skin! Is that it for you now or do you have to take other treatments so that your acne doesnt come back? Twed