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  1. So I took my last pill of Absorica 80mg this past Monday July 9, 2017! Im glad it's over. When do the side effects go away? I have still been waking up with the dry eyes. The dryness on the corners of my mouth is still there. Im hoping it goes away ASAP.
  2. Good luck with your second course. Ill be done mine in five days. Like you my acne was mild to moderate. It was worst my first time a round. Im clear again but not too hopeful.
  3. Day 175: So my second course of accutane is coming to an end. I have 5 days left. I been on 80mg the last three months. Since being on accutane I had minimal flaking or peeling. My skin has faired wel. As of recently my face has started becoming oily again. It's not crazy oily but how does the oil come back when i been on accutane for 6 months. I take my pills at the same time in the morning and the afternoon. I have not missed a day. My dermatologist just saw me and said "you don't look like so
  4. So you understand my pain with adult acne!!! I started breaking out on my chest and back this past November. Hadnt had that since I was 26. That's why I she put me back on accutane since my acne was getting worst everywhere. On my neck i havent had much. Like once or twice. My derm said that chin and neck area acne is more hormonal and said that spironolactone was something I could try after accutane if I flared up in that area again. What have you used.
  5. Yup I agree but im 32 and I started breaking out more and more often even though I was on tazorac since coming off my first round of accutane. I have seen the same derm since I was 21 so she knows my skin well and she felt it was best I go back on. These pics were from before I started accutane the first time. So I know it wasnt that bad this time but having regular breakouts at 32 will really kill your self esteem and confidence.
  6. Day 160: So in 20 days I will be done taking Absorica. Since my last post things have been good. Havent got any new pimples and I am pretty much clear. The pimple on my cheek that I got the two cortisone shots for has a dent. It's noticeable and sucks but what can you do? I still have have dry lips. I stay on top of using the blistex chapstick (or burts bees) during the day and slathering on aquaphor at night and im good. No cracking. I sometimes wake up to dry eyes but it isnt too bad. Went on
  7. Day 140: Saw my dermatologist today. She decided to keep me on 80mg for my sixth and last month on Absorica. I was surprised since last month she said she was going to drop me to 60mg. She said my skin isnt where she wants it to be by now and wants to make sure my acne doesn't come back. Im cool with it. She also gave me a cortisone shot in the bump I have on my cheek. She looked at it and said that it has gone down but expected it to be gone by now. She says there is still stuff in it so she ga
  8. Day 132: Still on 80mg. One pill in the morning and the other at night. Cyst bump is still here but it has gone down. No new pimples. Only side effects I continue with is the occasional flaking around the corners of my lips. I use aquaphor at night. Then during the day I stay with blistex chapstick. Use it several times a day. My eye dryness isnt bad at all. Some days I wake up and I have no eye dryness. Still wear my contacts. So excited, ill be done with accutane in 45 days. I see my derm for
  9. Day 122: Things are going well. My derm kept me on 80mg for month five. Havent had any new pimples. Only issue I have is flaking around the corners of my lips. And the skin on my lips is thinner. Oh and the bump that was left by the cyst on my cheek is still there. I want it gone!
  10. Day 111: I have got two pimples above my neck/under my chin during this past week. One has healed up the other just came out on Saturday. My face is doing good though. Just a little red. No new pimples on face. Ugh when will the raised bump on my cheek go away from the last cyst I got? Its been a month now. Sigh, well I have an appointment with my dermatologist tomorrow. Thank you! I just hope to help other people get an idea what to expect not to mention for me to keep track of how
  11. Day 103: Still taking 80mg of absorica. Weirdly enough the eye dryness has gotten better. I had a pimple pop up under my chin a few days ago. It left a red spot. The cyst I had (the one that I got a cortisone shot on) left a bump that doesnt seem to want to go away. At least it isn't red so that's a positive. I still got the two bumps on the side of my lips but those have really gone down but remain pinkish. Overall things are going well.
  12. Day 96: I got a small cyst on each side of my lips since I last posted. They are healing up, still red and peeling a bit. There is still a bump on my cheek from the cyst that I got a cortisone shot for. At least it aint red.
  13. Day 88: That cortisone shot helped so much. Its still raised but looks so much better that it did this past Monday.
  14. I think you will be fine. It's not like antibiotics that you have to take on certain hourly intervals to keep the levels in your body at a constant. Im starting 80mg tomorrow been on 60mg this past month. My derm said i could take them all at once or take one in the morning and one at night.
  15. Day 84: I went to my derm today. She was surprised to see the inflamed pimple on my cheek and the other spots on my face. She said by now I should be clearing and not having as many new ones. The one on my cheek has been throbbing and is really inflamed. She actually suggested a cortisone shot to make it go down and put me on antibiotics for ten days. This was my first time getting a cortisone shot. Im feeling pretty down I mean it looks terrible and birthday is like a wek and a half a way. I