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  1. Once, and I have no plans on doing it again. The down time is way too long for me.
  2. Willow68


    Dee, I thought I posted this question, but am posting again. I'm just wondering what scar type you are dealing with and the percentage of improvement you received from the saline alone. Thanks.
  3. I tried using MM and when I do to brush it on it's all blotchy and looks terrible! How do you get a smooth application?
  4. No its the Nova Conture System. I'm not sure what needling treatment it is. I would post pictures but I have had some bad experince with people on the net so it scarys me a little. I'm not sure if it is drastic improvment anyways, but it makes me happier. Well being a happier person, that's all that matters :)
  5. Is this like a skin roller needling procedure?
  6. I have absolutely suffered from depression because of my skin. It's a horrible feeling.
  7. Hi willow68 I'm a 'more mature' guy, 43, and I'm using the 0.05% cream. I haven't experienced any of the common reddening and flaking (my skin's kind of greasier instead) and I've been using it for a bit over a month for sebaceous hyperplasia and hopefully to deal with blackheads and open pores. When you say 'crepe paperish' do you mean texture or flaking skin? I've got areas of pre-existing 'orange peel' skin - not severe, but noticeable - and occasionally this appears to look a little worse t
  8. Do you know of a link that doesn't? I'm trying to find this to and having no luck. Can someone please post where you can purchase injectable saline?