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  1. Has ANYONE had any experiences (positive or negative) with Propecia / Finasteride in treating their hairloss condition? Looking for as much feedback on the drug before I attempt a course. My derm assures me the drug is safe, but I heard that about Accutane as well.. Many thanks.
  2. Hey man let me try and explain your results the best i can for you. Firstly, let me just say most people experience diffuse AA from accutane, especially when it continues for a long time. Diffuse AA is an auto immune condition like the orginally suggested. Here is where the hard part arises. Due to estrogen being protective against TGF beta 2 (an inflammatory cytokines which appears to be up regulated along with many others) which initiates the diffuse AA, this accutane hairloss can slowly pre
  3. Hi jnt867, When I was seeing a trichologist, I had the hair tissue mineral analysis done after I was misdiagnosed with telogen effluvium. My results showed quite a few deficiencies as well as 'toxic levels' of some metals, primarily copper. This copper level was apparently 10 times what it should have been. The report then when on to suggest a plethora of diet changes (some which seemed, i dunno, a little suspect - haphazard if you will), as well as a list of about a dozed vitamin supplements I
  4. jnt867, no real treatment, to be honest. i tried l-tyrosine (amino acid) under the instruction of a trichologist when he though it was telogen effluvium, but that didn't help. have also tried increasing my protein intake and took iron supplements, both to no affect (i wasn't iron deficient, just on the lower side of normal). my hair loss rate fluctuates quite regularly, more so a few years ago than now. i noticed hair shedding decrease within a few weeks off the drug but it soon returned. oth
  5. I know, super old topic, but for those of you who are interested - over two years down the track, I am still experiencing the accelerated hair shedding that began when i started accutane. i can confidently say that i regret ever trying this medication, and would not recommend it to anyone that sees their hair as important. i know i am in the minority here with prolonged hair loss from accutane, but just remember, it could happen to you. only use this drug if you have SEVERE ACNE, PERIOD. i'm
  6. alright, haven't posted on here for a few years, but hopefully somebody hear can help me out. can't say i managed to get through the entire thread, but i tried my best. went on accutane over two years ago now, for mild/moderate acne. within 10 days of commencing my treatment, i noticed my hair shedding rate increase dramatically. i decided to discontinue treatment after only about 3 weeks. 2 years later, my hair is still shedding at an accelerated rate, and nobody can quite tell me whats goin
  7. Okay I use to have a good 3 serves of dairy a day but have recently stopped and to my surprise I have started to clear up. I am sure that now I have discontinued all my dairy I am missing out on some important stuff (at the very least my calcium requirements). I'm thinking of trying non-dairy milk (think soy etc) but will that still have the same problems as normal milk and acne? Does non-dairly milk have calcium? Should I invest in some calcium vitamin pills? Thanks for any insight guys!
  8. Just looking for a decent multi without any acne aggrevating minerals/vitamins such as iodine. cheers!
  9. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this topical antibiotic cheers!
  10. I believe he was talking about Differin. Differin is okay to use in conjunction with BP but it is the only retinoid which can do this. You can apply them at the same time if you wish, but I would not recommend this as irritation is likely to be quite severe. Try using the Differin at night and the BP in the morning. And remember, use a good SPF during the day or else!
  11. Hey mate, Did you find Diacneal in Australia or did you have to order from overseas? Would love to know. Thanks! Hey, not too sure if it's sold in Australia but i couldn't seem to find a local stockist. My opinion is that it isn't. I purchased mine online through Tubotica. Are you considering using it? Yeah, I am actually mate. I didn't respond that well too Differin Gel - it seemed to really irriate my skin and made my skin almost red raw. I think it was relati
  12. Hey mate, Did you find Diacneal in Australia or did you have to order from overseas? Would love to know. Thanks!