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  1. Yeah its kind of funny how you can treat two pimples the exact same way but they can both react differently. Its frustrating not being able to have that control.
  2. Yep - i guess my point is that although there is a difference between inflammatory acne and non-inflammatory - I often get a combination of the two. Some pimples tend to get red and turn into pustules, others are closed over but don't become red, and disappear within a week. Obviously the latter is much better than the former. But if we could control our acne so they all went down the non-inflammatory path, it would make having acne a lot more bearable.
  3. Hi Guys Just wondering why certain pimples get inflamed and turned into pustules (which come to a nasty white head), while others sit under the skin, lay "dormant" and go away after a while? As soon as I see a pimple - I do the exact same treatment - chuck on heaps of BP, but I can't seem to control which of the two ways they will go! Any ideas?
  4. Interesting topic... I had a question regarding probiotic drinks such as yakult. If they contain the good bacteria they should be good for ridding candida, but what about the milk and sugar in them - surely thats gonna trigger off more acne? Any comments?
  5. Hi all Just wanted to know if anyone has had any experience with scented moisturisers and any effect on acne. I hear a lot of stuff about not using scented face washes, but not so much about scented moisturisers. My skin is super dry because of the weather, and it needs a pretty decent amount of moisturiser every day. The other day i bought a Nivea moisturiser with jojoba oil but opened it up to find it was very nice smelling, i just hope it doesnt cause acne. Thoughts? Thanks for the help.
  6. absolutely don't worry about it. shes with you because she likes you, maybe because she likes the way you look, but more likely because she likes who you are. if you start acting weird or self-conscious about yourself, she's likely to misinterpret that and take it that you dont want her to be close to you. when youve got a girlfriend, thats definitely the time not to worry about your skin - enjoy it because you've already got them - the more relaxed you are with them, the more relaxed and open
  7. Hi everyone First let me preface this by saying my acne, particularly of late, has not been extremely bad. I'm 25 years old now, and have been suffering from acne since i was about 14. The worst periods of my life, when i felt the most emotionally down, and the most alone, have coincidentally been when my skin has been at its worst. Anyway, enough rambling. What i wanted to say here is that having acne and dealing with it, is as much a state of mind as anything. For those of you who think you
  8. Hi everyone, I know the topic of SA with BP has been covered many times before on this forum, but my question is about using a facial wash that has SA and then doing the regimen after. Specifically Ive been using the St Ives Apricot Scrub which has 2% salicylic acid in it, and Ive found this product leaves my face feeling amazingly refreshed and clean. The question is, has anyone had any good or bad experiences using a SA wash in the shower and then putting on BP after? Can this be too irrita